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Heart of Iron

By Zueuk
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Just something for ---> [link] :)
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© 2009 - 2021 Zueuk
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This is beautiful! :D
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argh...I am sorry Peter. this is what I meant: :wave: :iconfeaturedplz: :heart: [link]
Clipboard let me down.
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Very impressive. :thumbsup:
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This stuff is amazing. I intend to understand it one day.
Dizzyatdizumnl's avatar
You have beautiful artwork here! Just excellent. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. :D:
yuan-zheng's avatar
i love your fractal works, they are all brilliant!
sequential's avatar
This is so texturized, I feel as if I could touch it. Another masterpiece. :clap:
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Amazing work as usual. Sometimes I think your fractals are actually TOO awesome. The physical definition in this is so realistic, looks like you could touch it.
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I have featured this piece in my journal: [link]

If you wish for me to remove it, please let me know :heart:
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That's sooooooo great :clap: (as always :D)
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You can't really say any of your pieces are bad, but I think this one could use a bit more color to make it stand out. It stands out enough because it is a technical marvel, but aesthetically, I wish it was a little more colorful and a little less bright in spots. ;)
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hmm, actually there was supposed to be a kind of color vs. colorlessness contrast :o
Phoenix-22's avatar
Were you trying to get the center be very red and the surrounding parts silver? I was thinking that as well, even though I said there should be more color, I think just more of a contrast between the center and the surround would work better.
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Very beautiful :heart:
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WOW :) Love this!
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looks great, love the colors and the object is befitting of tomorrows holiday.
snowy-kc's avatar
That is a little scary! But very very awesome ^^ It makes me think of a heart-shaped sea anemone, ehe ^^;
sjdebdaly's avatar
scarily awesome =)

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Wow...Beautiful :)
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