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Couldn't post just an "ordinary" flame after all this time, you see... :slow:

So, this piece was created using an experimental hacked Apo version 2.04 (the code is half-year old :shrug:) The idea is, that there is an invisible transform here - points are transformed but not plotted, just passed to the next iteration... Dunno if it'll go into the "official" verision - this kind of stuff is not good for rendering times. :hmm:

re-rendered in higher quality
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Dazzlingly pretty and ahead of its time.
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:wow: very nice :D
looks like i has a new wallpaper ^~^
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best flame ever ;)
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Dear friend,
I made a translation into Czech language from a German file. After setting the language by Option/Option, the Apophysis 7X15 was restarted. The Czech version, however does not work. Would you be so kind to give me an advise where and what to change.
Thank you,
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Oh I like this.
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is amazing, no? I wish I had the talent to do such works! how did you learn?
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Agreed, we should be able to use this in the next Apo release. ;P
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and it's already there :o
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my mistake ^^;
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Ahh. Now i understand!
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wow very impressive
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AWSOME :+favlove: <<; and i set eet as mah desktop :D
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Jeez! I am just LOVING fractals lately!

Awesome rendering. 8D I hope to see more of your stuff in the newsletter!
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thanks for the :+fav:!
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Hi there! :wave:

This fractal has been included in my NEW bi-monthly newsletter showcasing unique fractal art, NEVER DUPLICATED FRACTALS!

Please tell me if you wish not to be included in future editions. Either way, congratulations! :boing:

Cheers! :airborne:
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Oh ive also added this to fav's! ..its soo good :D new wallpaper for me :P lol cheers :)
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thanks again! :D
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