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Field of Depth

By Zueuk
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I was going to hold these until the release of the 3D Apophysis hack, but I am starting to do stupid things already, like doing some really small adjustments and re-rendering it again, and then thinking like "oh, this one isn't so good, I shouldn't submit it at all..." :hmm: Well, I'd better let it out then... :)

This one started as a test-render for the "depth of field" effect. I'm still not sure that my DOF is implemented correctly though... :confused:
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I really wish you would re-visit these. this is one of my favorite wallpapers of all time, but it just doesn't stretch the ever-expanding resolutions of today's monitors.
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this is really awesome!!!
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Just FYI, I had this set as my wallpaper for YEARS on my tablet, and it was weird when my wife wiped my tablet and I didn't see it there.
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This has been seen over 181,000 times :) Some people think it's good for a dubstep BG. [link]
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This is just amazing
shouts space time to me
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Wow that depth thing is really sick. Makes things interesting.
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Amazing job O.O This is magic...
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Great piece of art :)
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love this well done
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This is by far one of the coolest fractal designs I've seen. Thanks for sharing it.
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This is really cool!
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Incredible work ...!!!
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My God, I would LOVE to know how you managed this in Apophysis. When you work in it do you more or less plan out a design in your head and aim for that or is it more a creation of evolution? I must say, your knowledge and control is fantastic! If you ever want to tell how you manage to make those perfect independent spheres, I would be most appreciative.
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Please tell me what variations you used
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Insanely awesome work!
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Fantasmagoric 3D, very eye-catching and impressive.
TheAnubiss's avatar
that is sooooo amazing :o
FangKing's avatar
This is liek.. the best fractal I have ever seen.. ever.
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