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Counterspell IV

Magical arms race continues: this spell looks like it has multiple warheads... or should we call them "spell-heads"? :confused:
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Hi there.
I am making a strategy/ card game for my final year project in the University of Kent (UK). I was wondering if I could include this artwork in the game.

The project, at this stage, will be available for free and naturally you will hold all the rights for the image and will be creditted for your work.

If in the future there is a commercial release of the game, we can make futher arrangements if you wish.

Please let me know as soon as possible.

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Hey can i use this for a card creation contest?
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love ....the bright light coming out of the black ...
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Wow awesome! :) :+fav:
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Hi there! :wave:

This fractal has been included in my NEW bi-monthly newsletter showcasing unique fractal art, NEVER DUPLICATED FRACTALS!

Please tell me if you wish not to be included in future editions. Either way, congratulations! :boing:

Cheers! :airborne:
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Wow. Wonderfull Fractal. :+fav: :) I Like It. :) :+fav:

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this is absolutely gorgeous!
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thanks for the :+fav:!

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Anytime! I love your work :)
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woah! awesome work. love the shapes and the colours. Your avatar's very cool to (how'd u do it) :eyepopping:
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It looks cool. How long does it take to make a fractal?
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!! your brilliant!!
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thank you!
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What are the variations on this?
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mostly julias, and some heavy duty radial blur :)
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Wow. This is just.. stunning.
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this is surreal looking
Great job!!
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