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By Zueuk
...of (micro)cosmic proportions! :diny:

Apophysis 2.06 + 3D hack
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© 2007 - 2021 Zueuk
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Incredible art, and I see another DD!  Superb art!  Congrats once again on the DD.
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this one is wondefuuul!
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Now, that is a flame fractal!
ShuyinTheEnigmatic's avatar
That's just beautiful. It really does look like a cataclysm!
music-is-air's avatar
this is the most amazing thing i've seen all year! :O its gorgeous! thanks for showing your stunning art to the world :)
ohntingo's avatar
Is this the multiverse?
Valdemore's avatar
omg.. this is incredible =D
ULTIMEGA100's avatar
Hey man, im in a band in Nashville, when i saw this i was like "holy shit, this is gonna be our album cover" i was wndering, did you use photoshop for it? if so, how did you do it?
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looks like a part of my dmt trip!
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this is a masterpiece, do you really just use Apophysis? I just downloaded it and can't do much with it!
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I have trouble imagining that this was done solely in Apophysis. It's amazing though!
LehdaRi's avatar
My #1 favourite fractal ever created.
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Very cool effects! wonderful colour to it
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I swear...u guys use some Apophysis on steroids or sumn lol? This peaks at levels far beyond (micro)cosmic levels!
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As a fellow fractalist, I can't help but ask... how did you make something this incredible???
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HOLY CRAP!!! Thats amazing! o.o
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amazing! cngrats on the DD as well!! i wish my windows emulation would let me ue the 3D hack :(
Just one word:
Lovely (L).
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