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Another render from the upcoming Apophysis 2.03d... A fractal in "GANT"-style :D
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Simplicity always win. Clap 
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is very good! you are using apophysis no?
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craziest deviant gallery i've seen to date!
love it...something soothing about it all-just looking through this stuff calms me-

this image is now my desktop :)

i hope thats ok
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Cool outlining effect!
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ok youve got some sick fractals but for me this is the best of the gallery, great work :)
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i don't know ehat i can say about this work
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thanks for the :+fav:!

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Super fractal.. not like a fractal at all :) it's like a photo from the inside of a modern submarine window facing toward the see :)
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hehe thanks :) this is funny but actually this isn't so easy to say - are you inside or outside the submarine :) this fractal looks almost the same if turned inside-out :D
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ohhh I had the feeling from looking from inside out :)
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intriguing forms! I could never figure out how to use apophysis... I'm a programmer and I couldn't understand heads or tails about the coding for apophysis fractals. and I couldn't even get a fractal display bigger than a postage stamp... good work here though.
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Beautiful.. I love the smoothness and the flow here. Very nice to look at. :) Well done.
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looks like the space ship in "hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy" excelent and subtle.
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hmm funny :confused: I never thought about it :) ...maybe because I didn't like the movie-version ;)
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yeah i didnt like the movie version either.
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:nod: worst thing was IMO - Zaphod Beeblebrox who looked just like an ordinary human :(
some things just can't be done in the movies :disbelief:
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i have never been a sam rockwell fan anyway... yeah they could have done alot better with many things. the same people who did the mondochirans and zorg's friends in the 5th element also did the creatures who had terrible poetry.... i forget their names.
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hmm, I guess the 5th element was more lucky then :)
(for not having a book series behind it with all this army of fans all over the world ;))
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yeah i hate fans almost as much as i hate fan art ;)
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Awesome futuristic fractal, thats why I got involved with loving your fractals, and thats why i still love 'em.
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