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...I wonder how quickly one could train a neural network to filter out all these crappy anime drawings from the fractal gallery  

The new editor UI

The new editor UI

Long time ago (during the 2011 new year holidays, to be precise), while thinking about how would I want a new/better fractal editor to look like, I got this idea. I wanted to be able to combine different transformations in different ways, but I didn't want to get lost while tracing lines (like here, for example) - the usual way of putting nodes everywhere and linking them together did not sound good for me. Instead, I decided to place things on screen in the order of computation: - transformations are applied from top to bottom - transformations on the same level are either all applied at the same time - like with Sum here, or only one of

Fractal Assembler

Fractal Assembler

Or, for short - Fractasm - is the name of the fractal editor I'm working on. :pc: Though these days I'm finding myself fractaling more often than coding, which is kind of a good thing anyway - because it means that the program actually does what it was intended to do: makes it possible to find new ways of making fractals. To do this, I am breaking IFS fractal generation into pieces small enough to be rearranged and combined in different ways. That's why it's called "assembler" :) and also because it exposes some pretty low-level things, like number of iterations, for editing. Obviously, the editor like this is intended for users advanced eno

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I must say that your art work is fabulous.
Peter i have put up some serious concerns, how ever i believe there is some one who is using your user name for their own purposes, how ever they are have hack into my computer saying, that Apophysis 2.08
is out of date and there is a lot more better 3D software on deviant art.

The reason for this how ever is the impostor i have left the a message to say:-
1) that i shall be taking this issue up with seniors of the site.
2) as i cannot be sure what else has been (hacked) i have stated i will be raising the issue with Cyber Crime UK.

Having looked through your site i am thoroughly certain this person is not you and i am sorry for any upset this may have caused you.
I have been with DA for 4 years now and am more than happy with the genuine friendship through art that  we give each other, and as opposed to other websites, we believe in sincerity of our members and
behaving sensibly so as not to offend any of our good members.

I am sorry to put this:- but maybe yourself and the other seniors of our good DA could sort this out.
With many thanks Lenny2055
ZueukHobbyist Digital Artist

Oh well, apparently I did not expect (back then in 2008) that somebody will still want to use that "experimental hack" release... The time bomb saying "this version has expired" is/was a usual thing for old Apophysis betas, and for some reason - in this particular release - instead of disabling it I just extended it by 10 years :slow:

You can easily get around this date check by changing your system date - and only during the program launch... Or somebody with a working Delphi compiler could fit it and recompile the thing, the source code is available at https://sourceforge.net/projects/apophysis/files/Apophysis%203D%20%28experimental%29/Apophysis%202.08%20_3D%20hack_/

I have this problem as well but not tech enough to fix my favorite program....seriously having a blow out here.....how can a dummy fix it???

ZueukHobbyist Digital Artist

change your computer clock to last year - then run the program and you can change it back

davincipoppalagHobbyist General Artist
HAppy Birthday! :iconbrewplz: