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Published: January 20, 2007
Hi and Happy new Year ^_____^

For 2 weeks my wonderful Holidays ends and my work have me back XD . The good thing was a few people at my work become a money bonus for the last good year :) . At the moment i´m very lazy to draw something i don´t know why but i think i need a few days to come on my old drawings styles^^''  
I use for my new pics a new tutorial for hairs and fur by my new 2 pics you can see the result ^^
Greetings Zuelo :wave:

Projekts Gifts and another things  :work:

Damn and one pic is a special pic , a scene from a Movie
To do : A scene form the Movie From Dusk Till Down , the scene before the four guys fight with the four females Vampires (only the 4 guys in a cool pose without the vampires ^^) =:Finish:= 0% not started yet
This is a longer projekt, the Guys for the pic .....
:iconnagagraywolf: Sketch 0 %
:iconkaezarrogarin: Sketch 20 % not inked
:iconsoulflyred:  Sketch 0 %
:iconzuelo-b-riddick: Sketch 100% not inked

Arttrades  :deviation: :

And a few another littler projekts :evillaugh:


Kiriban 10000 :)  for --->   :star: :star: :star::spotlight-left: :iconrainbow-boa: :spotlight-right: :star: :star: :star:

My love :iconrainbow-boa: :heart: Ich liebe dich ganz doll mein Schatz :heart:
Look at the Gallery by my Girlfriend she draw wonderful pics , but if you want to touch her you have a date with me  :threaten:

               :iconrainbow-boa:  :date:  :iconzuelo-b-riddick:

My DA Family ^_^ :hug:

:iconnagagraywolf: :iconjackhcrow: :iconm-fox: :iconsoulflyred: :iconyasokyoku: :iconrohyashatww: :iconkaezarrogarin: :iconraeon:
Thank you all for your comments :)

My Starfox Forum friends on DA :hug:

:iconnya-natsuki: :iconkikimccloud: :icontowky: :iconcoconut-jaguar: :iconfarkas64: :iconaceofspace: :iconrainbow-boa: :iconmorikoaokawa:

Friends and great Artists :hug:
:iconkaranbeyomd: :iconbluefreak: :iconkakkoii-neko: :iconswazzo: :iconm-haynes-productions: :iconmagolobo: :icondoublemxx: :iconkatt315:  :iconkaourika: :iconwolfofdarkness: :icondreadcat: :icondarkwolf0: :icondraconicanimbus: :iconsindareine: :iconalshin: :iconlittleneo: :iconexcarnation: :iconmorikoaokawa: :iconsunwolf89: :iconherisheft: :iconeggplantm: :iconselucilia: :iconshadow-of-the-wolf: :iconstellar-tears: :iconkebijackal: :iconkawaiifurball: :iconyurimatsue: :iconjaxthebat: :iconinspectornills: :icondarkamy: :iconblackby: :iconruki01: :iconlizkay:  :icongalitb: :iconsuzidragonlady: :iconaelius24: :iconnegativefox: :iconxiraco: :iconsig-nal: :iconkimiko-lynx:
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In da Clubs :boogie:
:icontiger-fc: :iconstarfox-club:

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Harry64Hobbyist Digital Artist
dann hoffen wir das du bald wieder viele Zeichnungen machst.
Zuelo-B-Riddick's avatar
Ich versuchs , aber momentan habe ich irgendwie eine stockene Phase nichts will gelingen .
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Farkas64Hobbyist General Artist
Allein für den Titel verdienst du 'nen :star:

Zuelo-B-Riddick's avatar
Wie jetzt nur einen ? XD
Farkas64's avatar
Farkas64Hobbyist General Artist
Einen was ? oO
TheBigBadWolf01's avatar
yay! i cant fraw so well myself
Zuelo-B-Riddick's avatar
do you mean draw ?

Damn i must look in your Gallery to see your new pics ^___^
kaezarrogarin's avatar
Meine Freizeit sind auch am Ende.
Zuelo-B-Riddick's avatar
Ja die sind immer irgendwie viel zu kurz ....
Eddydoberman's avatar
good to see you around ^^
Zuelo-B-Riddick's avatar
Good to see ya all again ^___^
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