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I used to share your joys and comfort your sorrows

...but why can't I feel the same from you towards mine..?

Even through my mask of smiles
And the tears I couldn't hold back
You didn't even notice the pain in my heart..

Why am I unable to reach out to you..?

Why are you unable to understand my message of sorrow........?

If I have ceased to become a person worthy of your attention,

Then pray, let me know the truth in your heart

Don't keep me locked in this prison of misery forever.......

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Miku-Moon28's avatar
I can relate to this
Silverwolf51's avatar
Amazing picture. Is this linked to you personally in any way? If it is, I pray you make it through. I have felt this way in the past, and I know things seem rough, bu tnever give up hope!
NightmareNeko's avatar
I know the feeling, I'm still trying to shake off the feeling. :iconsadplz:
SilentLeona's avatar
I hope that you are feeling better dear :( :huggle: !! Really lovely work !!
Purplefire40's avatar
This feels so sad and desperate. Well done playing up the emotions here.
Semisis's avatar
Fell sad.. anyway this is very beautiful!
Genmadaioh's avatar
it's ok,genma loves you very much big sis!!!
Yagamiseven's avatar
this is amazing
Aura-Alora's avatar
This is very sad, but brilliant use of imagery =)
gauveldt's avatar
Is this a true story???
blackrainbow4869's avatar
This is too sad... :tears:
Youkai-Meimi's avatar
aw this is sad T^T poor girl...
Umesshi's avatar
omfglilyyyyyyy;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; //givesyouabigmamahug//
SeraphCorrupt's avatar
Kinda feel this way D: But very good drawing/concept
DragonfaeryYume's avatar
\>^</ *touches you*

I wish you peace of mind and that you will feel better, Zuey.
Jujupancakes's avatar
; v ; /hughughughug
i-himee's avatar
Unclee---- Q A Q
this is really emotionall and so deep.../bawls
i really liked the theme <3
emi2yam2's avatar
I-I hope you feel better soon, Zue!!!
You can IM me anytime if you need anything! :iconhugplz:
lily-kat's avatar
Amg Zueeee this is too sad :iconcryforeverplz:
I hope you are not feeling down. :icontearplz:

GalilelOmni's avatar
.......................:iconsawbplz: ish so beautiful and sad
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