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November 1, 2010
Tutorial : Drawing Hands by =Zue -- Suggester's words: Hands are difficult for many people to draw. At least it is for me! This was a great, simple, and fun tutorial on drawing hands for beginners and it also reflects the artists' style and humor into the tutorial too!
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Tutorial : Drawing Hands

OMGROFL be warned~~~~ :XD:;;;; Definite eye-burner tutorial by Lily ahead!! Please wear protective helmets and goggles before proceeding... :worker:

Click on 'Download' to view ^^

+ Especially for the members of forums :worship:
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SGCP's avatar
This might me 3 years old BUT IT'S GOOD THANKS!!!!!
Zue's avatar

Ahaha amg maybe I should make upgraded version.. 
SGCP's avatar
Don't worry i'm already having fun with this :P DANKE! I'll send you a link to the thing i'm doing once it's done if you want to see it :PPPPPPP
Mousie87's avatar
But I'm on my phone...
CrazyMira's avatar
erm... *awkward* c:
070498's avatar
Thank you for making this tutorial!!! This helped me so much like omg!!!! I improved so much! Thank you very muchh omggg This is the only one that made me draw hands better!!
Zue's avatar
Ahaha you are welcome! :iconuhuhuhuplz: 
Iviala's avatar
XMobiusXOneX's avatar
I hated hands, they were my most baffling enemy...

...Now I know their weakness!

Thank you!
muteBlabbermouth's avatar
Thanks! This really helped. =u=
i really hope that i can view this...i have no idea how to open this
Zue's avatar
Just click on Download on the right side there :D
how do i view this?
Yo-YoKirby's avatar
Ooh, thank you very much. I'll keep the tips in mind, hands are one of the things I hate to draw. XD
unycorn's avatar
thanks so much for the tutorial :D its very helpful!
but the weird thing is...i found your tutorial by searching "eye tutorial" O.o
Zue's avatar
You're welcome~ XD Hmm I guess the keyword is 'tutorial'?
unycorn's avatar
or that your description says "eye" and this is a tutorial xD
EyeGoCrazy's avatar
I know this is several years old now, but you have helped me so much!you made it so simple to follow. I love to draw people but have always had a hard time with hands. thank you again for sharing it :blowkiss:
Zue's avatar
Awww I'm glad it helped you! :love: Hope you will enjoy drawing hands like I do enjoy drawing them! :blowkiss:
EyeGoCrazy's avatar
it really did thanks again :highfive:
Theedarkcorner's avatar
Very useful, thank you.
Junsei-san's avatar
You break it down so easy! I love it.
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