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Eternal rain...

...When will it stop raining...?

It's making me feel depressed....

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OC3.03Plus + Tablet :raincloud:

Zirkon-samma from my manga, MQ (c) :iconzue:
This is a younger him before he got married, standing under the tree where he will first meet his (future) wife X3 (jiwang karatnya akoooo!!!! *terbang*)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NO STEALING. >__< I'm depressed enough as it is. *shakes fist at sky* Stop raining already will you?!?! It's freezing cold, makes me hungry and I can't concentrate! Gyaaaa I'm gonna be dead lilymeat in exams this week!!!! :tombstone:
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Wow! :wow: This is a awesome drawing because o how you did his hair and clothing. His face looks so real! Wonderful job on the background also.
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Mmmm...elfy goodness. :drool: You know I :heart: your work.

and least you don't get SNOW. :snowflake: >.> I reeeeally hope it doesn't snow tomorrow cuz I need to DRIVE pretty far and I hate snow driving. Blasted ice.

I get depressed without sunshine too. :( That's why winter is so hard for me.

I'm done with le babbling. :glomp:
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WOAAAAAAAAAAH!!! its pretty!!.......i like rain!!^___^!! I dun like when its rainstorm!! XD!! hehehe!! Nampak romantik laaa!! XDXD!!
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Hujaaaaaan dah turuuuuuuuun!! aiyyaakk demam karang~~~ BTW, nice CG~!
yumiryuiko's avatar
Woooweee.......but i like rain,it's really cool when it rains when yer in class...
^w^ but anyways yer cging is great!
Axtar's avatar
I like the way you CGed the hair...:D
Pompi's avatar
Ooooh~~ It's so pretty~~ The mood is so nice and sad and rainy~~ :heart::heart: I love the rain. ^^i
Wah, don't be depressed! T_T :hug: Good luck with the exams though~ *_*;; Don't diee~~ DX
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X3 i agree wit ~ItoMaki
hehehe,let's kidnap her =D =D lolz...joking..
anyways cool picture :XD: bleh...hujan best la kdg2...i agree wit =sapphirez huhuhu....tido best >o< lolz
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Nice perspective. I can feel his emotion through his gaze. Nice use of pastel colors too!
Zue's avatar
pastel? :P hehehe~ arigatou nyaaa~~ :glomp:
xanseviera's avatar
biar la daku membalut lukamu~~ cewah!! zirkon kakkooooiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD hujan! paling best tgk scene bishie dlm hujan.. ehehee...:D
Altheran's avatar
nice colours, your foreshortening is a little off but hey, I'm not too awesome myself :thumbsup:
AngieChild's avatar
:heart: Me like! X3 Unfortunately, I like rain. ^^; We just don't have it at the right time here. :dead:
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Fret not, my friend, for there is always sunshine after rain. :hug:

Very good use of tones there, by the way =D
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Ooo, thats awesome!!!
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fuwoh~!! senseiku sempat lagi lukis sambil menjiwang-jiwangkan Zirkon-san~!! XD nak Jade-samaku~ X3 :heart: <---budak ni tak abis2 ngan Jade~ XD;;

nyaa~ good luck on ur exam, Lily~ :glomp:
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O cool pic! :clap: You hate rain? I love rain! But that's probably cause it NEVER rains here, *shakes fist as sunny sky* Wanna trade? T_T
Zue's avatar
I like rain, but it's been raining non-stop over here for 2 days........ :O_o:
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-hugs- dun worry! [be happy!] DX I'm sure the rain'll stop soon!!! An' then the sun'll come out ta' play! x3

Nice picture, though.
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wow, what a cute elf :love:
the colors are great in there. Awesome work!! :clap:
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God.... :O_o: It's pictures like this that makes me wanna kidnap you and suck out all your talent... :O_o:
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