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Hi there, my name is Mario Zuccarello and I am a freelance illustrator,
I joined this large community to show my work also through this network.
I hope that my images will stimulate your imagination


Regarding Education and Profession

My background is mostly self-taught, at least from the end of high school ... then I trained professionally at some italian companies of animation, since these companies have gone bankrupt, it is needless to mention them.
For three years I work as a freelance illustrator for various clients and companies, for which I made all kinds of image from the cartoon to fantasy.
My clients are:
-Videogames Companies
-Game-Book Publishers (mostly Fantasy)
-Fashion Company (as illustrator/graphic for t-shirt design)
-Illustrated Books-also cover
-Private clients

from childhood, my main interest was the imagination, in whatever form it occurs, cartoons, books, comics, movies ...
and of course design, by which I can express my ideas

Every other detail is superfluous.

WEBSITE: zuccarelloartworks.daportfolio…

e-mail 1:
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