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Zim- Ride The Pig

By Zubby
I watched a pile of Invader Zim this evening. I'd forgotten how great that show was. I remember first seeing the episodes while I was working at an animation studio in Halifax and being blown away by how crazy and amusing it was. Fantastically funny stuff. If you haven't seen the show, check it out on DVD.

Anyways, feeling inspired by the Zim-age, I thought I'd do up some fan art for Zim as my digital piece for today. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I decided to go for something more painterly than the standard Zim show look.

You can also check out the line art for this pic under my 'Scraps' section here on Deviantart.

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love that episode
IllyW0rld's avatar
This is awesome! nice job with the colors.
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Hah this is lovely!
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I lovziz you piggy I lovziz youuuu Gir and Pig 
Grr Says "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!    Love it JZ  that's awesome.   I wish we could bring Zim back.  Miss his TomFoolery and HiJinks.
Dragonluvr1's avatar
omg awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
RachelTheHeadMaid's avatar
This is my next anime convention outfit!
McdonaldsRawr's avatar
The pig was inside you all along
Watery-Flame's avatar
it's a government pig
Gorillazlover101's avatar
ride the pig... to be the pig
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That's it Zim! You ride that hog!
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PDiamant's avatar
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cutie patootie <3
creeperman21's avatar
they will never find me
lolipopitrgf's avatar
DaniJCaile's avatar
ZimgirandDibrock69's avatar
My friend said the title sounded wrong! LOL Good pic! :D
Kvk-iz-yazmin's avatar
GIR RIDE THE PIG!!! - Perú 2012
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Ride the pig gir! Ride the pig!
Such a great scene.
I love what you've done with the sky, as well as the characters.
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