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Photoshop File Reduction Trick

By Zubby
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In a good mood so I thought I'd share one of my favorite Photoshop tricks.
This has saved me tons of time. Try it.

Erik Ko (head of UDON) showed me this Photoshop Sorcery when I joined the studio back in 2003 and I've been using it ever since.
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whatt? 2003??? 12 years ago you should share  bru  ------____-------
Axigan's avatar
WOW!!, thank you so much for this!!
manthx's avatar
Pretty useful.
Blacku-draws's avatar
OOH cool, thansk for sharing!
TwiggyStone's avatar
daptosto's avatar
Wow. Thanks man.
Hideyoshi's avatar
awesome, thanks!
xland333's avatar
Smaggers's avatar
Wow, that's nuts.  Presumably that's a preview pic being stored in there.   I wonder if it makes a difference to load times? 
WyntonRed's avatar
I save a lot of work on the cloud- this is mad useful!
Emperorkarsa's avatar
Oh wow that is a nifty little work around.
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You can essentially do the same thing by simply turning off "Maximize PSD and PSB File Compatibility" in the File Handling Preferences. :) When it's turned on, a flattened version of the file is saved for software compatibility purposes.
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Excellent tip! Thanks!
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Hard drive is sooo happy
Luran-V's avatar
Thanks for sharing! :happybounce:
nfteixeira's avatar
Wow! Really?! Gotta try this! Thanks! Wink/Razz 
c0nr4d's avatar
Awesome. Thanks so much.
BioWorkZ's avatar
Just tested it and it worked!!!

luckydragonbb's avatar
ZedEdge's avatar
Dude! Thanks so much! :):)
masterofshadows's avatar
I did not know this, it makes no sense, but hey: Adobe. Thanks!
handsomeape's avatar
nice!! thank you for sharing
mikebeals's avatar
That's Awesome Thanks for Sharing!
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