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Mega Man Tribute

By Zubby
Sorry I haven't posted much artwork lately. Almost everything I'm working on has to stay hidden until the projects come out.

Here's the 3 major steps and final artwork for a Mega Man tribute piece I recently put together in between other projects. I hope you guys and gals like it.

Here's a wallpaper-sized version as well.

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Pixelclaw's avatar
Just great! Mega Man rocks!
eduardovieira's avatar
Really great work!!! Loved the final piece!!!!
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GiveMeYourSoul's avatar
Oh man... PLEASE tell me how you get such great inking effects! o.o
GiveMeYourSoul's avatar
Oh, I'm very sorry, I just found the tutorial hyperlink you posted. >>
Franchesco's avatar
Awwww Yeah!!!

This MEGA MAN pic is all kinds of cool-- thanks for sharing your process!
daveebee's avatar
I like to ink by hand in photoshop with my tablet but never got lines that smooth unless I used the brush tool in Illustrator, mind sharing how you got them so smooth in photoshop? I love to color comic art in photoshop but I don't like to sacrifice the line quality I get in Illustrator.
akane-no-Hime's avatar
This looks great! Love MegaMan! Good job~
Onikaizer's avatar
How do you get the line so neat, is it by stroking a path? or using the pen tool?
ogre-knight's avatar
anyone who doesn't like this picture is in fact a threat to the world.
Go blue bomber
Belegurx's avatar
Absolutly awesome piece... Always loved MM. I have to thank u for the full inking process link u gave... it will be very helpful for me on future works. ;)
Inmediatly :+fav:d
vinhluanluu's avatar
Awesome piece. Love the half-tone.
SycrosD4's avatar
Otto-Von-Konrad's avatar
Nice work Zub! This brings back some great memories. :-)

Are you going to be at Anime North with Omar and the rest of the crew?
Zubby's avatar
Unless I get swamped with work stuff I will be at Anime North at least one day. Summer time is becoming ultra-busy.
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ferah11's avatar
now i understand the meaing of "lost in translation" i would kill the inker.
Burning-Revolver's avatar
haha i love his expresion it looks like hes done something pervertive!
Great work!, on megaman he still ROCK.....s
yanimator's avatar
nice color screentoning zub. no clue how you did that really. i was trying to play around with the filters in PS to get that look and it takes some serious effort.
MOtero's avatar
How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie-pop?
rio425ee's avatar
ok ive been around the world(wide web, i never travel too far.) and ive never seen anyone better capture the coolness and sense of fun of megaman like you! this is instant fav stuff!
m3g0n's avatar
zub you did a good job man
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