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Calgary Expo 2009

March is here which means the Calgary Comic Expo is coming down the pipe. As always, the show has an artbook with submissions from all the artist guests of the show which they sell and donate all proceeds to charity.

This year I went for something different colouring-wise, playing around with using a colour I'd normally keep as a base or light tone as the shadow on the character and then blowing out all the highlights right to white on the figure. I think it turned out pretty neat.

Line art done in pencil, colours in Photoshop.
You can see the rough sketch for this pic HERE.
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VanessaFardoe's avatar
I wanna go to the Udon Bar and get wasted on five cent shots :D
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It's a rough and tumble place, but I'm sure you'd like it there.
VanessaFardoe's avatar
:P yeah for sure. You going to be there this year?
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At the Calgary Expo you mean, or the UDON bar? Heh.
VanessaFardoe's avatar
lol at the Expo. Im sure your a regular at the Udon bar.
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I will definitely be at the Expo. I've been there every year so far and it's one of my favorite conventions. The fans are great and the staff treat us extremely well. It feels more like a vacation than a working weekend.
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Ive been hearing a lot of good stuff. Im from Manitoba, so this'll be my first year there. Im really looking forward to it. Plus its going to be a nice little vacation from all this snow... hopefully.
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now that's a real cowgirl
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Nice job dude!
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