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Calgary Expo 2008

Line art done in pencil.
Colours all done in Photoshop CS2.

Every year the Calgary Comic Expo has a charity book filled with artwork from the guests of the show. All profits from the art book sales and original artwork auctioned off goes to a local charity.

I just finished up my piece for this year's book:

Playing with textures and trying to get a pseudo-watercolour look for the background was fun.

If I get some time this weekend maybe I'll post a step-by-step of it, tutorial-style.
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KingJoJohn's avatar
How the hell did I miss this? Lol
CreativeRawr's avatar
I am most likely going to that!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see everyone!!
Kendralalala's avatar
Im from calgary area c:
this is awesome! the revolver is amazinlgy well done! :love:
I like the old gas pump im just wondering...whats with the random bucket? cx
Punk-Bunny-Cha's avatar
Great work I totally want to buy the art book when I get there! :w00t:
Rehmat's avatar
nice background
rasdiggle's avatar
Really nice character design, color, and art.
sihu's avatar
Congrats on the mention! Dig the warm palette.
star-candy309's avatar
Very cool style I like the end result of the pic.
And thanks for the tutorial, I'm deffinitly going to try my hand at this.
Thanks again.
Fact-N-Fiction's avatar
I have a question, in Tut 3 flaten and save to a Tif., why not a Jpeg, I know I should just google this but it does not mean I will understand it XD. so if you can clearify the differance, if any I would appriciate the respons if you have the time ^___^
Zubby's avatar
There are two types of file format:
- A fomat that compresses but doesn't lose quality.
- A format that recompresses each time it's saved, reducing it's quality each time.

JPEGs are great for the web and can work if they're only saved once from the source file, but as a print-ready high resolution file they tend to be lower quality than a TIF.
Fact-N-Fiction's avatar
Ahh thank you very much Zub ^____^ I understand now
DensetsuShinobi's avatar
Too put reflecting colors from lightning on nearby objects.. never would've occured to me after reading the tutorial about this amazing work... *doesn't pay enough attention at physics class*
Even tough the render is made in a completely different style as the background, it still looks perfectly unified :aww:
Zubby's avatar
Thanks for the compliments.
You can take that reflectivity stuff as far as you have the time/patience for, adding all kinds of subtle reflections of light.

The colour palette keeps the whole thing unified, I think. When the colours work well together, it keeps the piece whole.
DensetsuShinobi's avatar
Yes.. I think I've seen something like that in an art documentary a few days ago.
Where the artist uses some random color from the background - even if it's just a weak overlay - on parts of the main subject of the painting. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind :thanks:
Cao's avatar
Love it. <3
One of those two-legged chairs that the you kids seem to love? Wonderful lighting on the pump; the shadow colors are beautiful.

She seems to be way too pale for the outdoor look. And a redhead out of doors without freckles?
pigmanga's avatar
I like your style here brah.Nice work.
Hubby-N-Dad's avatar
great piece, "If you raise gas prices anymore, we're gonna' have problems", but she's saying it with a smile. Nice feel to this piece.
MattMoylan's avatar
Nice colour scheme! Does that pump spray noodles?
Zubby's avatar
Yes indeed. The ol' west Udon dispenser.
1cor1313's avatar
If you didn't tell me you did the watercolor effect in PS, I wouldn't have known. Nice
Zubby's avatar
I'm glad you like it. I'll ideally get around to posting a tutorial about how I achieved the effect.
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