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Calgary Expo 2007

2B pencil on art board with tones added in Photoshop.

I drew this piece as part of a special charity pin-up comic being produced for this April's Calgary Comic Expo. I went to the Expo last year and thoroughly enjoyed it - a really great convention.

Omar, Joe and I will be there representing UDON. It should be a great time.
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great job man! i try to painting this ok?
sorry if you dont like!


once again!.. great greeat job!
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nice colored look so good man
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Great pic, Zub. I'm (still) impressed.

I'd love to see a 'practical' western woman sometime. *wry grin* A lil bit of wind/sand/frostburn in that outfit. *shrug*

Not that it's not a pretty picture - it is! It's just making my 'practicality' bits itch a lil. *shrug*
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Cool. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
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cool color...
very nice i love the bone structure in her pelvis bone
deadauron's avatar
very well done. I like how you did the shading and the blue tint.
yukisukinomoto's avatar
Wow, very beautiful picture. I love her stare O.o
forvrin's avatar
Verra nahce. :)
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nice colouring man, loooks nice and fresh
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Thanks, Omar. It was a fun piece to do. The Country Girl piece you did for them really knocked it out of the park.
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Thanks hommes, Joe is unsure if he should do one, so i sent him the info from kandrix, expect a note from Joe soon.
Zubby's avatar
Joe should definitely do one. They actually told me they've sent him a couple messages about bio info and flight stuff but haven't heard back, so I'll call him today to give him a nudge.
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nice style Zub! i see you've slipped in the udon logo in the pic >;)

damn i wouldn't mind going to the calgary expo. crud. maybe next year!
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It's a really well put together con. Big enough to be worthwhile and profitable while small enough to stay focused and not feel like you're an insect running around.
KaelNgu's avatar
but his face looks a bit 'male-ish'
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