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meowongrump  Contents   meowongrump

Chapter 1 - A Visitor from outer Space
Chapter 2 - Why won't you wake up?
Chapter 3 - A new foe? Despair and a Ray of Hope
Chapter 4 - The stranger's introduction
Chapter 5 - Zenki's Struggle
Chapter 6 - Crashing Karuma's Party

meowongrump  meowongrump  meowongrump  meowongrump  meowongrump  meowongrump

Chapter 1 - A Visitor from outer Space

It's a nice and sunny day at the Enno Shrine.

Chibi Zenki is sleeping at the rooftops as usual.
He wakes up as his stomach starts to grumble, picks his right ear, yawns and says: "Heh. I could eat a really big Hyouinomi right now." :bademoticon: 
Zenki starts sniffing, but is disappointed as he doesn't smell any Hyouinomi or any scent of food whatsoever.: I 

Something is wrong today. Grump 
Suddenly, Zenki notices a foreign scent and spots a strange, humanoid, female creature.                        hide
A naked girl with red skin, two horns, a fuzzy tail and kangaroo-like feet quickly jumps from a nearby rooftop into a tree, only her orange eyes can be seen as she carefully hides herself.

He just saw a naked girl jumping around, but Zenki isn't bothered by that and just lets out a bored "Heh."
He lays down again and continues to watch the girl. Bored 

She curiously eyes him from her hiding spot and makes a cute smile. Meow :3
The girl picks a few fruits and makes a little basket.
She carefully puts the fruits into the basket and jumps to Zenki's place.
Zenki continues watching her and doesn't bother to move.
The girl keeps smiling and presents Zenki the food.:eatingahamburger:
Zenki's belli starts grumbling.
He takes a fruit, sniffs at it, carefully inspecting it before putting it into his mouth.                    I'm hungry...Get in my belly!
Zenki starts eating one fruit after another, while the girl draws closer and sits beside him.
The girl gives him a cute smile and pets his hair, but Zenki is too occupied with eating to notice this.
He eats till the basket is empty.
Zenki doesn't even thank the girl for giving him food.
She slowly walks away from him, then she jumps onto a rooftop and she's gone.

Chapter 2 - Why won't you wake up?

The now stuffed Chibi Zenki goes into the Enno Shrine and notices that everyone else is still sleeping.
That's very unusual, as Akira is often the first one who gets up and starts working at his art.

Zenki goes into Chiaki's room and finds Chiaki sleeping with Lulupapa on top of her.
Chibi Zenki gets mad and starts poking Chiaki in the face, but nothing happens. Rage
He thrashes Chiaki's room and a few things fall over, but she still doesn't wake up.

Angry Chibi Zenki runs off, searching for the strange girl, he met earlier, believing her to be the culprit now.
The girl is nowhere to be found and Zenki starts moving along the rooftops.
Shikigami-chou is bustling as ever, only the residents of the Enno Shrine seem to be affected by this strange event.

Zenki now gets really worried. "Damn it! What if Karuma or her servants attack while I'm like this?! I'm so screwed!" Scared

He runs off into the forest and finds Karuma, Guren, Goura, Anju and two Hyouijuu standing at the bottom of a well, talking to each other.Rainbow of Rumors 
Zenki lets out a silent curse and quickly leaves, going back to the village rooftops. (Karuma and her kin don't notice him)

While moving along the rooftops, he spots the girl again.
This time she is petting a small Hyouijuu, feeding it some fish.
The Hyouijuu is happy and jumps onto her lap like a dog. 
Dog Sitting Meow Shake Fish
Zenki now thinks that he is right and slowly approaches without being noticed.

Chapter 3 - A new foe? Despair and a Ray of Hope
As the girl's new "dog" suddenly curls up and starts growling, she looks at Chibi Zenki who leaps at her.    Jamming to mah stereo:slinky:
The girl swiftly gets up and gently sidesteps Zenki's attack, which causes him to fall face first onto the roof tiles. 

As Zenki gets up and starts growling as well, the girl takes the small Hyouijuu and breathes some strange green aura onto it.
It becomes a full fledged, monstrous, Hyouijuu dog, twice as tall as Zenki's Demon God form.Shuck icon
The monster stands on its four legs, large spikes protruding from its back and its thin tail. It lets out a horrible growl.
Chibi Zenki is shocked and starts sweating and shivering, while still giving the Hyouijuu and the girl a convenient smile, like it's all no big deal.
The girl notices this, gives Zenki a cute smile and sends the beast away.
The dog jumps off the roof and now runs straight into an alleyway.
It's gone.

Zenki is confused for a second, but then he doesn't ask any questions and attacks her again. :bademoticon:
The girl sidesteps him again and he makes another faceplant at the roof tiles. Jamming to mah stereo:slinky:
Zenki gets up and exclaims: "Stop avoiding me, you stinking bitch! Fight me like a man!" Rage 
The girl starts to chuckle, which makes Zenki even more annoyed.Take it all off! Angered

Chibi Zenki clenches his fists, grumbles and tries to run off, because he can't beat that girl.NOOO, DUN LEAVE MEH HEER ALONE
The girl is faster and grabs him by his ponytail.
Zenki: "Augh!" OMG
He starts to struggle, but the girl hugs him and gives him a kiss.
Zenki is completely confused and punches her in the face.
She starts cursing and throws him away with great force.
Chibi Zenki crashes straight into a small house close to the Enno Shrine. Why Jetpacks Should Not Exist 
After a few seconds, he claws his hand into the floor and lets out a silent curse.
He tries to get up, but Zenki is too injured and struggles to even stay on his knees.
A badly wounded Chibi Zenki forces himself to stand up, clutching his chest and breathing heavily.
He starts to cough up some blood. Hurt 

Suddenly he notices the girl standing on the rooftop and decides that he can't stay in these ruins of a hut.
Zenki limps to the Enno Shrine, sometimes glancing over his shoulder, only to suddenly see the shadowy silhouette of a girl with kangaroo-like feet jump on a rooftop behind him.
Chibi Zenki shivers and feels great fear crawling through his weakened body. Fear 

Somehow he manages to avoid the strange creature.
Zenki enters Chiaki's room again, shakes her and screams: "Damn it, Chiaki! Transform me, immediately!"
Chiaki takes and cuddles Lulupapa. They both continue sleeping.snuddlecat 

Zenki is very desperate and starts panting in pain as his blood drips to the floor.
Suddenly he sees the Bracelet of Protection laying on a small table.

Zenki takes the Bracelet of Protection away and starts to read Chiaki's dairy, searching for the spell to break his seals. Reading 
After finding what he wants, Zenki falls to the floor and tells himself: "Darn it. I can't give up yet..."

He tightly grips the Bracelet of Protection with his hand and exclaims:

"And now I awaken the Demon God! Unlock the holy spell with the secret sword! Break free, Vajura on Ark! Rise up, Zenki!" :angry: 
(this line was taken from the Kishin Douji Zenki anime, all credit goes to the translators of the English dub - the fixed version was made by ZTheGS)

First, nothing happens and Zenki thinks he's done for, but then the Bracelet of Protection starts glowing and his seals break. :bademoticon: 
His wounds are healed. As Demon God Zenki gets up, he ends up hitting his head on the ceiling: "Ow!" Stare

Zenki involuntarily bows and gets outside, exclaiming: "The God Zenki has risen!"La la la la 
...and walks straight into a doorframe, hitting his head again. Zenki: "Curses!" :bademoticon:

An unseen girl starts laughing at him. Giggle 

Chapter 4 - The stranger's introduction

Zenki gets mad and calls out: "Who is there? Show yourself!":angry:
The girl from earlier jumps out of a tree, cracking her neck and her fists. Devilish 
Zenki is mad at her and cries out: "You did this to my friends, didn't you?!" :OhNoYouDont:
The girl sighs and gives him a cute smile while nudging her head to the side.
Zenki: "Huh? Can't you speak, woman?"Smoking

Before he can continue saying anything the girl teasingly says: "Oh, did I do something to your friends?"  Devilish 

Zenki: "What?! Who are you anyway?! ..."Angered
Girl: "Hehehehahaha... I'm Vyvil, the dark creatress of terror and destruction. My blazing fires will..." EVIL Laughter! 
Before Vyvil can continue saying anything, Zenki bolts out: "I don't care! You stinking bitch! I will beat the crap out of you for treating me like a toy!" I am PISSED OFF! 

Vyvil: "Oh, really? How cute..." Oh really / Smug

Zenki lets out an angry growl and glares at her.Angered

Vyvil sighs, calmly walks up to him and gently kisses him, scorching his cheek with her fiery breath.  
Zenki quickly jumps away from her.I'm on fire! 
"Oi! Woman! What is wrong with you?!"omfg

Vyvil nudges her head to the side and says: "Why are you so mad at me? We just started having fun." Devilish 
Zenki is very pissed and gets his Diamond Axe: "You... Even though you are a woman, I won't hold back!" :angry:

Vyvil summons a thorned, burning whip out of nowhere: "You are cute when you are angry, but I'm afraid that I might end up killing you if I don't hold back, so you will meet my Thorned Blaze Fire Whip instead." :blushing:
Zenki glares, but he takes a few steps back as Vyvil cracks her whip, leaving about 50cm deep scorched marks in the ground.:catwoman: 

She gives him an evil smile, slightly scaring Zenki. :omgomg: 

Zenki: "Damn you! I'm the great Zenki-Sama! Feel my wrath!" :angry: 

Vyvil laughs at Zenki. He leaps away a bit farther and attacks her, shooting a Vajura from his fist and hits her head on.

Zenki: "Not so tough now, aren't ya?" :evil-smile:

As the smoke clears, his laugh is suddenly cut off, as Vyvil is standing there completely unharmed.
Zenki curses and attacks her with his Diamond Axe, but she stops the axe's blade with a finger and completely breaks Zenki's axe into tiny pieces by snipping it away with her finger.

Zenki is horrified and takes a few steps back, but Vyvil is faster and presses herself against him, charring him with her hot body (no pun intended) and wrapping her arms around his neck as she teasingly kisses him on his lips.
He tries to fight back, but Vyvil is faster and uses her trademark move, ramming her horned knee right into his most sensitive parts. don't mess with me-her
Zenki curses in pain as she gently kisses him again, diving her horns even deeper into his groin and licks his cheek. OMG 
Vyvil is already sure of her victory, bites him in the throat with her pointy fangs and starts to suck his blood. Devilish

Chapter 5 - Zenki's Struggle

Zenki is still trying to get this devil/vampire whatever (he is still unsure what exactly Vyvil is) woman off him as she licks the blood of his throat, still twisting her horns and causing him great agony.
Zenki: "Damn you, woman! You won't defeat me using such underhanded methods!" The Devil 
Vyvil lets out an amused giggle, yanking her knee out of his groin and kneeing him again, now with full force and her knee being on fire. oblivion00- :devil:
Zenki lets out a horrible scream and struggles even more desperately, now turning into his Great Demon God form all by himself.don't mess with me-her
Vyvil is blinded by the light and lets go of him for a few seconds, enough for Zenki to get out of her range. Spaz attack :updated:
The transformation has caused Zenki to fully recover from his wounds. NeonMote 

Zenki gives Vyvil a death glare and exclaims: "You monster! I will tear you apart with my bare hands and show you the true meaning of vegeance!" Glare

Vyvil glares back and says: "You bastard, don't surprise attack me like that!"Angered
Zenki laughs and says: "Heh, you don't like light, do you? So I guess, I might have no other choice..." Furious         :catwoman:
Before he can finish his sentence, Vyvil cracks her whip and hits Zenki with it, instantly knocking him down, badly charring him and leaving a huge, bleading hole in his chest.

Vyvil: "You really thought that this was all I got? I told you I was holding back. Hehehe..." Devilish

Zenki curses, but can't get up. He thinks to himself: "Damn, how could she be this strong?! She's even more powerful than the damn Inugami and his stupid wolf!" Hurt

Just as Zenki mentions them, a young man and a wolf show up levitating in mid-air, laughing at his demise.
Great Demon God Zenki starts growling.

The man sees his chance and sends his wolf to finish Zenki off, but before the wolf can bite Zenki, Vyvil hits the wolf with her burning whip, tearing it to pieces.  
The man screams: "No! Kokutei!", transforms, gaining thorned armor and attacks Vyvil.
Vyvil cracks her whip again, hitting the Inugami Roh and tearing him apart, just like Kokutei.  

Zenki has recovered a bit from his wounds and is already on his knees, but seeing Vyvil tear the Inugami and his wolf apart like insects scares the heck out of him: "D-Darn it! How can she be so powerful?!" Fear

Vyvil starts laughing maniacally and says: "This was amusing. Fine, I'll give you a chance." Devilish
She heals Zenki's wounds, lifts the curse on the Enno Shrine and warps away.
Great Demon God Zenki gets up and gulps.
He is still shivering in fear of that powerful foe, he just met. Fear

Chapter 6 - Crashing Karuma's Party

Karuma, Goura, Guren, Anju and a few Hyouijuu are standing outside a well in the forest. Rainbow of Rumors
Suddenly they feel a horrible aura.
A naked girl with red skin, two horns, a fuzzy tail and kangaroo-like feet appears out of nowhere.
Karuma and her crew look up to the treetops and see her hanging upside-down by her feet.
Then the girl lets herself fall down and somehow lands on her feet right in front of the group.
Karuma and the others are still wondering what they just experienced. Stupid Me!

The strange girl is completely unharmed from her fall and smiles at them. Devilish

Karuma takes a few steps back and hides behind the Hyouijuu, while Goura, Anju and Guren go and talk to the stranger.

The girl exclaims: "Hi! I'm Vyvil, the dark creatress of terror and destruction. My blazing fires scorch everything in my path." EVIL Laughter!
Her horrible aura becomes even more noticeable.

Karuma nods and her underlings step aside.
Karuma: "And what kind of business does an evil presence like you have in the great sorcerer Karuma's territory?" Sherlock Holmes
Vyvil: "Business is the right word. Let's have some fun."
Karuma is wondering if that girl just challenged her to a fight or if she wants to have business with her... Confused
Vyvil: "Let's burn down that stupid village! Burn the whole place! Make them suffer!" EVIL Laughter!
Karuma: "It seems like that can be arranged... I'm in."
Vyvil and Karuma join forces.
Before Vyvil leaves again, she leaves some huge gorilla hog chimeras and shadowy bird people as a present.sitting bull emotePurple cerbirbus 

Vyvil: "These huge gorillas are Pouncers. They can smash anything that gets in your way and nothing can get through them. The other guys are Wingslashs. They are super-fast and their sharp wings can cut through anything."
Karuma looks at Vyvil. Sweating a little... 
Vyvil: "But I don't need any assistance. I will take care of your enemies by myself."
Vyvil warps away before Karuma can say anything.:explode:

This is the more mature and also more violent, uncensored version of my fan fiction A Visit from outer Space (Chapter 1-7).
The uncensored version is less bowlderized, for example Zenki curses a lot more and Vyvil appears a lot earlier.
This version also has some fighting scenes between Zenki and Vyvil, which aren't featured in the other version.

The uncensored version is meant for more mature audiences.
If you're too young to read this, please visit the link above to read the non-mature version of the fan fic.

Also don't be worried about my OC "Red".
While in this verison, Zenki meets Vyvil before meeting Red, Red will show up later to help Zenki and his friends.

Title: A Visit from outer Space
Author: ZTheGS (alias Semerone)

Date (started): 2016-05-01
Date (finished): 2016-07-28

This fan fic also features a villain called "Vyvil" and her minions (Wingslash and Pouncers).
They are OCs of mine and I might add some drawings of them sooner or later.
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