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   A decrepit, condemned manor, where the four 'mon, A Zangoose, Ralts, Turtwig, and Rotom, watched the strange Porygon as it floated to the center of the room, the windows on the far left wall providing a slight amount of light. The Pory confused each of them, as this one had features unlike either of the Porygon evos: No actual neck, instead the head was simply suspended in the air. Three long, enlarged limbs attached to a small torso, two of these functioning as arms, and the third the tail. They could also see a sort of 'spike' on the top of the Pory's head.

   The 'mon stopped at the room's center, beside a heavily dusty piano. Sam finally floated out from the doorway, approaching the 'mon, and quickly followed by the other three guild members. Before she could reach it, the Pory disappeared into the darkness, seeming to float upwards. The four of them stopped, then jumped as a ball of electricity exploded in the air above them, lighting the room again. After a short moment the electricity shot out, lighting a variety of lights hung throughout the room. The Pory stopped after a moment and floated back down, staring up at the lights, unaware of the four guild members behind it.

   Sam reached the Porygon and tapped it, staring straight at its face after it jumped and spun around. Before it could say anything, Sam said, "Listen, weirdo, we're supposed to learn your hobbies or interests for the guilds, so tell us a hobby of yours, and if you can, show us."

   The Pory stared back, eyes darting among the group. After a moment it said a quiet, shaky "okay" and moved to the piano. Placing an arm on the keys and playing the note it landed on, he told the group, "I like to play the piano sometimes, usually this one..." The Porygon started playing a small with the one arm, accidentally hitting some extra keys due to the larger ends of his arms. The tune was both crummy and nice to listen to, the Pory seeming to be making the tune up as he went.

   After a minute or so of listening to the tune, Zach walked to the piano, lightly shoving Sam aside as he passed her. Standing beside the Pory, who flinched back at the Zangoose's approach. Zach popped his fingers and began playing the piano as well, making an enduring noise with the instrument. Dianna tapped Zach's leg, saying, "Zach, maybe we should let someone else try to play this." Zach stopped and stared down at the Ralts, then, hanging his head, walked away from the piano.

   Dianna pulled a seat that had been under the piano out and jumped onto it. She motioned to the Pory, inviting him to play along. He nodded and floated back to the piano, 'sitting' on the seat. Dianna smiled up at the Pory, waiting for him to start. His eyes darted around the keys for a moment, eyes seeming pulled into a worried expression. Finally he placed his arms on the keys again, playing a slightly darker tune. After a short moment, Dianna started playing a tune similar to the Pory's, although at her end of the piano, almost mixing well together if not for his playing randomly. They played for a long while, the other three sitting/floating around the piano and listening to them.

   After a moment the Porygon stopped playing, seeming to freeze completely, head raised slightly. The three 'mon stared at the Porygon, Dianna playing the tune a bit longer before noticing that he had stopped. A voice came from the room over. "Hey, Victor, you didn't fix the damn lights!" A Zorua pushed the doors open, saying, "Vic, go ge-...who..who the f*ck are you?" The guild members stared at the Zorua for a moment, then finally took off past him, Jake shouting "Sorry to trouble you, sir!" On his way past.

   The Zorua walked after the running 'mons, finding the manor's front door swinging wide open.
Client: Alexander
Errand Number: #6
Date Issued: 7/18/2014
Date Due: 7/22/2014



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