The Fish of Many Tantrums Part 1

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   It hurts...

   "I know..."

   The last light of the setting sun had disappeared over the horizon, enshrouding Andalusst in a deep darkness under a new moon, broken by the lights of the town. In one of the houses, a Zangoose and Ralts had prepared for a task on the following day. The mongoose-like 'mon was sitting on the floor of the main room in front of a candle, carving a wooden figurine of a Riolu with his Kunai.

   Upstairs in this house, the Ralts was giggling to herself while sitting on her bed.  On a small wooden desk beside the bed, a young Joltik watched from atop a cushion. "Exctr, er, exciiii..ted..for the dungen, mama?" the young bug asked.

   Dianna nodded and told the bug, "It's gonna be our first bigger adventure since joining the guild." She then pulled the sheets of the bed over herself, asking, "Kyle, dear, mind turning off the light?" The baby bug spat a stringy web at the switch to the lamp on the desk, pulling on it and turning off the lamp.

   The Joltik waited in the dark for a few seconds, watching the Ralts. After he was sure she wouldn't see him, he used String Shot to make his way to the ground. As soon as he was at the bottom he pulled the webby material back and began to squeeze under the desk, a gentle breeze blowing against him. At the end of the desk, a tiny hole had been cut into the wall, leading outside the house.

   Elsewhere, a Banette was sitting on the wooden floor of a crappily constructed shack, in a room that she was pretty sure was a closet with a mattress placed inside. Carrie stared at the other figure in the room, a young Poochyena. It seemed to waver a bit, and Carrie could see the far wall through the dog's body. A chunk of the dog's cranium was missing, a 'mon seemingly having taken a chomp big enough to have removed everything on the left side of its head.

   It hurts...

   It had been repeating these two words since it had appeared. Carrie could no longer bring herself to say anything to it, she knew it wouldn't make a difference, responding to mere hallucinations.

   The silence was broken by a crash from the other side of the door, followed by someone shouting, "Damnit, Micheal!" She knew who they were by voice, now, the duo that had taken her into custody months ago. The Gallade, Micheal, the Breloom, Shaun. Her stomach growled, and she whispered, "Where the hell is that bug kid at?"

   As if on cue, a little fuzzy ball landed on her head, whispering, "Hey Carrie."

   The ghost smiled in relief and stood up. "'Ey li'l guy. Is it ready?"

   Kyle nodded, climbing down to the ground and crawling to the mattress. Carrie crouched down and carefully pulled up one of the boards, pulling out a pickaxe made of a broom handle, a cut paperweight, and pieces of cloth from the room. She went to the mattress and moved it aside, followed by the boards under it. A hole big enough for an average Joltik was dug in the earth underneath. Carrie grabbed the lantern that the 'guards' had placed in the the room, then stood by the hole.

   After a few moments of silence, she heard a door open, and then jumped onto the ground around the hole. The dirt fell apart, dropping Carrie into a tunnel big enough for her to just about stand straight up in. Kyle hopped in after her, and she reached up to pull the mattress back over the hole in the wooden boards.

-Begin: Dungeon 1: The Fish of Many Tantrums-

   Dianna set down the paper doll she had been toying with for the last few minutes and stared down the dark hole in the tree stump, a small grin plastered on her face. Behind her, Zachary pulled his hood down as he held onto a small Kunai, reeling his hand back and staring intently at a Pecha berry sitting on top of a stump. He sent the small blade flying towards the target, only managing to bounce it off the stump and send it flying into the grass. With a sigh, he went off to pick it up.

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