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   The Litwick slid out from the trees and into the clearing, where a number of other ghosts had gathered under the dim moonlight. Among them were a few living 'mons, gathering the dead around. The Litwick heard an 'ahem' beside them, turning to see a Rotom floating above, a slight frown crossing her lips. She tugged on the bow on her body and said, "Come along, little one, we're taking you to the town." A Turtwig, also wearing a bow, trodded up below the Rotom, smiling warmly at the candle. Behind them was a Shuppet, staring at the three of them boredly.

   The Litwick looked back to the Rotom, asking, "Wait, aren't you dead as well?"

   Sam looked down on the ghost in surprise, then answered with a superficial "No."

   At the other end of the Honehenge, Dianna walked around the stones in wonder, examining them as she walked around, quietly whispering to the Froslass doll in her hands. Not far from her, Zachary was talking to an unusual Banette, who's only replies were curt nods and the shaking of his head. The Banette was almost the same height as Zach, if a bit taller. His right eye and left arm were missing, and a tightly stitched cut went down his chest, with more stitching across his missing eye to the back of his head. His mouth appeared to be ripped, with the upper lip hanging over the lower. Zach guessed that his lower lip still had the zip, as a chipped zipper still hung out of his mouth. "So, you wanna come with us to the city?" Zach asked him. The Banette was still for a moment, then seemed to grin, nodding once more. Zach grinned as well, turning and calling for Dianna, who had been talking to a shaky Phantump after getting bored of the rocks.
Client: Robin
Errand: #11
Date Issued: October 30, 2014
Date Due: November 3, 2014

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