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Begin Task 1.3 & 1.4: The Regi Image & Tour of the Eye

   "So, you made these yourself?"

   "Yeah, last minute, one of the guild heads asked us to."

   The Froslass continued looking over the small piece of paper silently. Beside her, Zachary followed along, handing out the flyers to passing 'mons. On the flyers were rather sloppy Regigigas paintings, with 'Have no fear!' written on them. The ambassador looked back up from the small paper. "How did you make this many papers 'last minute'?" she asked.

   Zach turned away from the Zangoose in front of him, holding the flyer out until the 'mon grabbed it out of his paw. "I gave it to the Researchers & asked if they could somehow make a lot of 'em, and they took the one flyer for about an hour, then I have 25 copies of the thing," he answered.

   "Interesting...well, would you mind telling me where we are?" The Ghost/Ice-type motioned to the street they were walking along. Aligned along the somewhat cracked road were a variety of buildings, some practically a shack, some like a small apartment building. Each of these buildings had some kind of sign on the front. The road itself had a small number of pokemon walking along, with many going into the buildings.

   The Zangoose handed one of the last 7 flyers to a passing 'mon before answering. "This right here is Market Street, a street of only markets. It sounds weird, but go with it." The ambassador stared down at Zach for a moment, confused, before sighing & looking around at the various buildings. They continued walking down the street, Zach handing out the last few of the flyers, occasionally pointing out one of the shops to the Froslass & sharing some of what he knows about them.

   Eventually, Zach stopped in front of a smaller building called 'Ancient Warehouse', front windows darkened with the setting sun behind it. The Froslass floated past, before turning to see he was waiting back at the building. She went back, asking, "Why are we stopping here?"

   Zach began making his way into the shop. "This one is run by a good friend of mine, and it's where I'll head off to help with the rest of the guildwork things," he told the ghost.

   With a slight nod & a bow, the ambassador said, "Oh, I see. Well then, I thank you for your part of the tour of the town, Zachary, was it?"

   "Yea. Welcome, miss," the Zangoose told her, nodding back. Zach pushed the door to the shop open finally, holding it so that the Froslass could enter. She nodded at him again before looking around the room. Red-embroidered walls & a polished wooden floor, The first noticeable aspects of the shop. Placed on numerous shelves around the place & on a stand at the center of the room were various knick-knacks that lived up to the 'ancient' name of the shop. Three lamps, one above the door, the stand, & a desk at the far end of the room, lit the shop. Standing a short way back into the shop was a Pangoro, seemingly cleaning one of the objects.

   "Hey, Willy!" Zach shouted to the 'mon. The Pangoro, Wilbert, turned to face the two at his door. The Dark/Fighting-type had a small black fedora on his head, a Wingull feather sticking out of it. He held a wooden staff in his right hand, using it as a walking stick as he made his way over to them.

   He had a large grin plastered on his face, shouting back, "Zachy, there you are, where've you been for the past few weeks?!" He grabbed the Zangoose in a bone-popping hug before he could answer. Really, I can hear Zach's bones popping from here, and I'm the narrator. When Zach was finally able to breath, Will loosening the hug after hearing him choking, the Pangoro leaned close to his ear, whispering, "And I see you've brought a guest with you. We'll take her to the back room, but do you want me to get the roses, or the shovel?"

   Zach pushed Will back, saying, "Will that's not what this is. And I've told you, I don't do that anymore, and those roses were a gift to you, not to help me with dates, remem-" "Yea yea, never dating anyone, yadda yadda, I'm just pulling your strings, comrade," Will chuckled, "This is that ambassador that the guild folk have talked about, the actual one. Welcome to my little shop, madam," he said, bowing as much as he could to the Froslass.

   The ambassador bowed back, replying, "Good evening, Mr. Will." Zach nodded from his spot by the window, pulling his hood up. He turned to look out of the shop, the voices of the two behind him sounding like nonsense.

   As he looked out on the darkening streets, he saw two figures dash onto them from an alley across from the shop, one of which he easily recognized. Dianna. He turned back to the shop, the Froslass observing a clockwork...thing while Wilbert explained. He made his way over to the door, quickly opening it & attempting to dash after the figures. Instead, he ran straight into a Stunky, almost tripping over it. The Stunky shouted "Hey!", turning to the Zangoose. Zach moved to the 'mon, pushing him slightly towards the shop door while quickly saying, "The ambassador is in there go give her a tour of somewhere bye."

   The Stunky was pushed in the doorway before he said, "Wait a minute wha-" Zach was already running down the street. "...What the hell just happened?"

Resume Task 1.2.

   Zach hopped onto all fours as he ran down the street, gaining a bit more speed. He saw a ball of fire fly out an alley ahead of him, followed by a Riolu with head wraps. The Fighting-type dashed down the street, Dianna materializing in front of the alley. Zach ran up beside the Ralts, stopping as she turned to him, exclaiming, "Zach, finally!"

   He pointed at the running Riolu. "Why're you following him?"

   "That's one of the ninja!"


   "Yea c'mon, we gotta get him!" Dianna jumped up & grabbed Zach's arm, making them disappear & reappear directly in front of the Riolu. The 'mon ran into Zach, falling onto the road.

   He shook his head before looking up at what he ran into, immediately reeling back at the two in fear. Zach held his hands up in front of him, quietly saying, "Hey now, we're not gon-" The Riolu disappeared from the spot. Before either of the guild 'mons could react,  a small thud & a grunt from behind them answered their immediate question. The Riolu glanced at them before taking off again. The duo immediately took chase. The Riolu continued down the road, pushing past the occasional 'mon on the road.

   When it passed by a larger group, the Riolu turned down another alleyway. Zach, breathing heavily & falling a ways behind Dianna, saw it run down the alley, while Dianna had continued running down the road. When he reached the alley he thought about calling to her, but no words came out. He opted to go after the 'mon by himself, turning & walking into the alley. He went along slowly, both to catch his breath & to not be ambushed easily.

   After a short while he ended up hearing a garbage can behind him fall over, Turning to the sound quickly & unsheathing his claws. He watched, a little confused & amused, as the Riolu crawled out of the can. As soon as it was out of the contents, the fighting-type hopped up, taking a ready pose, shaking heavily. Zach waited for the 'mon to attack, remembering that Sunny didn't want this ninja hurt. Or you can just knock him out and say he ran into a wall~ He shook his head, before going wide-eyed as the Riolu was suddenly in front of his face. The smaller 'mon sent his foot flying into Zach's face, causing him to be launched backwards a small ways.

   Zach pulled himself up, taking a bit of time as he did. When he was on his knees he menacingly told the Riolu, "You just gave me a black eye.." With a grin, Zach stood back up, his paws setting on fire. The fighting-type took a step back, then another as Zach darkly chuckled at the movement. Zach raised his paws, the flames on his paws intensifying. Widening his grin, Zach dashed at the Riolu, who recoiled & sent a fireball at him. Zach swatted the ball away with his left, sending his right paw at the Riolu. The smaller 'mon quickly tried to cover himself with his hands, trying to ready himself for the attack. What he got instead was a warm pat on the head. The Riolu looked up at Zach, who was smiling at him.

   Zach knelt down, keeping his hand on the Riolu's head. "We'll make sure you aren't hurt if you just come with us," he told the 'mon. The Riolu stared at him for a moment, turning when he felt a small hand on his arm. Dianna smiled at the Riolu, nodding. The 'mon looked between both of them, then nodded. Zach stood up, saying, "Good, now come along, we gotta get you to the guild guys, and no, they won't hurt you either." The Riolu nodded again, following the Zangoose out of the alley, Dianna walking behind him.
Orian Task 1

Team Orian


-Hunter Access Permissive
-Froslass Doll
-Hand-made Kunai

Cameos by
Thomas Whitaker from Team NAME

The ambassador & Riolu belong to :iconchillysundance:
Whoretaker belongs to :iconwritercoda:
Pokemon belongs to Gamefreak Inc.

Kunais are sweet.
Note: I had to cut the Riolu chase down due to time.
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"Really, I can hear Zach's bones popping from here, and I'm the narrator."
and thankyeh for the cameo! :D