Split Tasking Pt. 1

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   The hooded Zangoose silently followed the fuzzy Weavile, eyes looking at each 'mon they passed by. He pulled his hood further down to cover his face, instead finding greater interest in the gravel he was walking on. He heard the light tapping of the Ralts walking beside him, focusing on the sound over the rest of the street clatter. He still felt dizzy.

  He heard a gentle swishing slowly overtake it all, his shadow darkening below him. He felt a tear travel down his face. Zach gritted his teeth, wiping it away quickly. He faintly saw a gray eye on his shadow. Growling slightly, he grabbed onto his head & shook it until the sound of gentle waves faded away, to be replaced with silence as he walked into the Dark/Ice-type in front of him.

   His head shot up. Eyes all stared at the Zangoose, mixes of worry, annoyance, and with some, humor. After scanning all the faces, Zach sighed, "You can all get back to your lives, now!" The surrounding 'mons slowly moved on their ways, some still watching the three of them. Zach looked down at the two 'mons next to him, both staring back at him. "...Can we just go, thank you?" Sundance nodded, continuing along the pathway.

  Zach motioned for Dianna as he walked behind the guild leader. The Ralts pulled the shawl closed, frowning as she followed along. Zach felt tears well up again, blurry images flashing in his mind.

Begin Task 1.1: Sunny's Racket

   An almost dirty alley, where brick walls stood in front of the trio. Zach pulled his hood down, finding that the walls were almost twice as tall as him. He opened his mouth, only to close it again as the Weavile beside him quickly climbed the wall, hopping over to the other side.

   He sighed, thinking for a moment. He looked down at Dianna, smiling a bit before tapping her with his paw. She looked up at the Zangoose, who told her, "Hey, Dianna, can you help Sunny with his little task here, while I go do those ones for Rowanhardt & Robin?" The young Ralts saluted Zach, saying, "Aye aye, No-ear," before teleporting onto the wall, looking out on a small, bush covered yard, a mini-mansion sitting off-center of the boxed walls.

   She hopped down the wall, landing on the grass. She crouched down as low as she could, crawling over into a nearby bush. She looked through the twigs & leaves, looking for the shuttlecocks. As she looked out, she noticed something tickling her senses, slowly coming close to the bush. Try and keep hidden. The guild leader's words echoed in her mind. Where is zat Weavile anyway? Eh, damned if I know, we'll leave that to Chilly.

   Anyway, Dianna scrunched herself into the bush as much as possible, attempting to conceal herself as a Flareon, donned with a crimson scarf, crawled into the bush & stood up, doing exactly what she had been doing seconds ago. Dianna decided not to risk it, what if this 'mon lived in the house? She didn't need to worry long, as the Flame 'mon hopped out of the bush, quickly skittering out into the yard and diving behind a tree some feet away. Eyes following the 'mon along the way, the Ralts noticed shuttlecocks sitting not far from them, three to be exact.

   Dianna smirked, teleporting onto one of the tree's branches. She looked down at the Flareon, waiting for it to move on. After a peek off the side of the tree, the Fire-type dashed to the shuttlecocks, grabbing two & nearly tripping as she, Dianna guessed 'she' from her grunt of almost-falling, took off, back to the wall. She watched the Flareon until she disappeared from sight. Chuckling to herself, Dianna hopped off the tree, running over & picking up the last shuttlecock. As soon as she had the thing in her hands, she teleported back to the tree, taking a peek out to make sure she hadn't been caught.

   No one saw. She smiled, happy for a successful mission. Dianna took a deep breath, shutting her eyes, focusing her psychic power. She disappeared from the tree, re-appearing outside the walls, in the same alley she entered from. She dropped the shuttlecock beside a dumpster, grabbing a scratch of paper from the ground & writing 'Dianna' on it with...a thing. She placed the paper next to the shuttlecock before taking off out of the alley & onto the Andalusst streets. Just gotta get back to Zach..where did you go?

   As she turned down an alley for a shortcut, she spotted a Riolu with head wraps, slowly & almost wearily padding along the mucky place. She tilted her head at the sight, then ran up to the Fighting-type. The sound caught the Riolu's attention, as it had turned to face Dianna, posed as if ready to fight. Dianna stopped in front of it, merely looking at the Riolu, smiling. They stayed like that for a few short minutes, then the Riolu began to shake, then finally the Riolu's torso drooped over, arms limply hanging towards the ground.

   Dianna trotted over, standing directly in front of the Fighting-type. When it looked back up at her, she asked, "You okay, mister?" The Riolu stared in surprise for a moment, then opened his mouth, only to shut it again. After another moment of silence the Riolu shook its head & dashed off down the alleyway. Dianna took a step back in surprise before beginning to chase the Riolu through the alley and streets.

Begin Task 1.2: Iaponese Hunt
Orian's Task 1
Award(s): A crayon drawing
Tasks done: 1/5


Team Orian

I will redo my paragraphing later, right now I don't wanna bother =w=;

Solé from Team Flash Flare

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