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Your eyes were starting to blur as as you mixed the Figgy dust and Oran pulp into the...whatever it was the Miltank wanted with the drink you didn’t care to listen. Maybe you sampled a bit too much of the the new drinks. Jake should have known better than to let you near alcohol but in-instead he’s serving people at the cookout outside. Doesn’t that mean people are being cooked or somethin’? You’re still kind of happy about this. The fact that you could get drunk even as a ghost was absolutely hilarious to you but you managed enough self-control to only chuckle. How how did you get Cheri berries again? You pour the mixture into into a nearby container to be taken off by another worker. Whatever this this mixture would do, it worked for you. Hey, that rhymes!


You brought another plate of Charti Bombs to the table at the far corner. As soon as one of the Sableye twins grabbed it off your back and placed it on the table, you took a seat beside the Absol. In retrospect, it was probably a bad idea to invite Clover and their gang to the cookout. The only ones that weren’t wolfing down everything on the table (Wasn’t there a cactus decoration on it earlier?) were the Umbreon and Sneasel, who watched in shock at the other five. Then again, they did follow you and Sam all the way through the desert, they probably would have snuck in anyways. It’s easier this way.

The Minun, ‘a new member’ you were told, nudged you with a blunted skewer and told you, “Thanks again for the invite, I’ll keep you in mind when worse comes to worse!” You don’t understand, but you smile and nod anyways. At least they aren’t hurting you. It’s easier this way. You get up to continue serving food to the other people attending.


You’re curled up in your bed again, and you don’t want to get up as the ringing tells you too. Your door opens and your little brother walks up to the bed. He gives you a funny face, one you understand completely, and you let him curl up with you. I hate nightmares too, you hear yourself say. You feel your eyes water, so you curl your tail around both of you and hope it lasts, hope that maybe you died for good this time, drank yourself to death or something. You squeeze your eyes shut and whisper the same words you always tell him when this happens. I’m sorry.

You’re surrounded by wood, stone, and an an amalgamation of smells when you open your eyes again, so you push the bundle of rags away and wipe your eyes before pulling yourself out from under the table.


You take your seat across from the Barboach, fighting the urge to sleep on the seat. You’re sure your smile looks strained right now and hope Jane doesn’t notice. Then again it’s usually strained anyway...It’s easier this way. “Hello Jane!” Even your chipper voice is riddled with exhaustion.

She shoots you a smile back, but you’d recognize the concern in it anywhere. “Howdy. It’s nice of you to invite me to this cookout, kid. Any reason for that?” Her face contorts into a sly smirk and she leans closer to you, “You were planning on setting up me and Sam, weren'tcha?”

You feel your face flush as you quickly shake your head. She chuckles at your little show and your smile falters. “Actually! I! Had a question! To ask you!”

“Fire away, kid.” She did say she wanted to explore the world, maybe she’ll love this idea. You’re such a people-pleaser, like Sammy calls you. It’s...yea.


You can’t stop crying, no matter how much you want to stop. You’re sure some of the the tears fell into the current batch. You’ve made about 6 or 7 of these by now. You should stop at this one. You don’t even remember why you’re crying but holy shit your head hurts a lot. You finish, more rushed this time, and take your leave before anyone can see.

You float around for a bit, stopping for a Sneasel and small white thing rushing by with a small gray and large black thing in their arms. You have no idea where you’re going, you don’t really care either, but you’ve suddenly found yourself sitting beside your biggest headache, and you can’t help but want to strangle the small turtle. But then you’ll lose, just like always, so you nod at whatever it is he just said and stare down at the table. It’s easier this way, you won’t have to tell him how much he reminds you of- stop. He’s not the same.

You’d never hurt your little brother.
-before you got drunk af.

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Alcohol Alchemy: Tequila, +1 Strike
Cookout: Recruitment Slip

This started out as 'haha Sam's drunk' and turned into this mess of a thing.
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