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   Zachary walked along the semi-large clearing, dropping seedlings into the small holes in the ground, using his foot to push the dirt back around them. Ahead of him, Dianna pranced around the clearing, Kyle, the Joltik, sitting upon her head, humming a sweet tune. Every so often she would stop at a spot and blast a hole into the ground using Psychic.

   While dropping another seedling in a hole, Zach mumbled, "Why are we doin' this? I mean, even Z didn't want to write this."

   Well, amigo, there's a star coin, just for you, if you do the thingie, so chop chop, No-ear~

   "...urgh, fine then." Zach pulled the hood of his cloak back onto his he-You know that's not gonna stop you from hearing m-"SHUT UP!"

   "Zach, you okay?"

   "J-just fine, Dianna."

   You sure? You seem a bit preoccupied with a voice, heheh.


   ...Zach planted Nomel berries in some of the holes. Happy, Zachary?~ "...A little." Good, I don't have to smackary you. "...Goddamnit."

   Jake marched around the sparse trees, uprooting the stumps that were left over by using his ability. Sam floated behind him, dropping seeds into the leftover dirt. Eventually Sam spoke up, "Are we almost done?"

   Jake turned back from the dirt he had been pushing over the seed, replying, "Nope, I mean we just got here so..."

   Sam sighed, immediately hearing someone shout "Shut up!" She turned to the noise, yelling, "Well fuck you too!" She didn't know that a certain Hawlucha was in front of her when she yelled.
Client: Gavina
Errand: #7
Date Issued: July 26, 2014
Date Due: July 30, 2014

Team Orian
Team RodShark

Yep, I was going to skip this errand, but at the last moment I said 'fuck it, star coins.' and wrote this. <w>

Gavina belongs to :iconchillysundance:
Pokemon belongs to Gamefreak Inc.
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