Meat Stands and Spoolstone

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   The Weavile took the small package from the Ralts, nodding a quiet thanks to her. Dianna waved as the Dark-type walked off down the street. Zachary leaned onto the stand, his hoodie pulled around him in the cool afternoon. He held out a package of Fleshcap to a Feraligatr with a straw hat, mumbling to Dianna, "Couldn't we have come in, like, the evening or something?"

   "Now Zach," Dianna said, using Psychic to bring another Fleshcap package onto the stand for a Mawile with a messenger bag, "this was the only opening for us getting out of getting that Spoolstone for the Furfrou. Besides, the stand provides shade." Zach sighed and went to get a Meatroot package for a shiny Umbreon with some kind of belt, who refused politely and walked away with the Mawile. A slightly chubby Zorua walking on his hind legs grabbed the package, immediately turning and walking down the street.

   Zach watched him for awhile, muttering "Well bye then" before looking at who was next. He raised himself off the stand, wide-eyed, seeing a character who was completely hidden under a large grey coat, crimson scarf, and grey fedora. Dianna stared up into the shadows under the hat. She swore that the stranger was familiar, she just couldn't remember. Zach placed a Fleshcap package onto the table, trying to smile up to the stranger. They raised an arm, also hidden by the sleeve, up to the package and grabbed it, Dianna could see a small tinge of blue in the sleeve.

   The stranger turned and 'floated' down the street, Zach felt a chill go down his spine and began mumbling something under his breath. Dianna tried to catch what he was saying, but all she heard was either a different language or just plain gibberish. The little Ralts walked to the edge of the stand and watched the stranger, Zach handling the package distribution. After awhile she saw the Zorua standing a-ways down the street, and the stranger stopped in front of him, handing the package to him.

   Dianna hopped off the stand and violently swiped her hand upwards, the stranger launching high into the air, clothes flying off in the process. She watched them fly up, seeing that they were a Porygon-Z, then it struck her, the two of them live in that old mansion from the robot interrogations. She looked to the Zorua and swiped her hand down, a small piece of the building beside him ramming him in the head, knocking him out cold. The Pory-Z floated in the air, staring down at the Ralts, who then stared back. After a short moment he quickly floated down to the fox, grabbing him and a package and flying off through an alley.

   "It's been unusually quiet today, considering Teresa's little errands," the Furret muttered, looking down at the small paper in his paw. He pulled his blue cap farther down his head, looking at the sunset behind the Andalusst tower and smiling. He grabbed the small cup off the garbage bin beside him, turning away from the scene and heading up the road on a hill.

   Cuffin took a sip from his drink, slowing his pace as the sounds of screaming came to his ears. The screams were quickly getting louder, and Cuffin finally stopped and looked up the hill, hearing the sounds coming from behind it. The Furret stepped off the sidewalk and into the closest alley, muttering, "Me and my big mouth." As he looked on, he started hearing squeaking wheels and a small rumble. Finally a cart of Spoolstone came over the hill, flying off the top of it.

   Cuffin could see a Rotom and Turtwig in the cart. The Rotom was smiling widely and screaming in excitement, while the Turtwig was practically crying, and screaming in panic. They slammed onto the road and rolled on through the town, screaming all the way. Cuffin casually sipped his drink and walked on up the hill.

   Sam leaned to the side, turning the cart with the roads. Jake stopped screaming for a moment and shouted, "WHY COULD'T WE HAVE JUST WALKED?!"


   "SAMMY PL-"



   The cart crashed into a wall, launching Jake shell-first into it. Sam floated out of her spot in the cart and above the stones, staring at Jake, grin still present on her face. Jake made some choking noises before falling off the wall and back into the cart. Sam tapped the turtle on his head, saying, "C'mon ya little baby, we have a delivery to do here." Sam motioned to the building beside the wall they had smashed into, Wear n' Flair.

   Jake made some more choking noises, then uttered, "Yea don't worry I'm fine, I just flew into a wall no big deal." He picked himself up and hopped off the cart, and the duo made their way into the shop.

   As soon as they walked in, Chantelle ran up to them and asked, "You must be delivering Spoolstone, yes?"

   Sam nodded, and said, "Yup, and that'll be...35 stars as payment."

   Chantelle was taken aback, and exclaimed, "Why don't you just take my wallet, eh?!"

   Sam floated into the Furfrou's face, whispering, "Miss, I read all about Spoolstone before we left, just for this very reason. Now, Spoolstone is worth about 5 star coins each, and we have seven of them. Be glad I'm being honest about this and not cheating you."

   Chantelle backed up a step and said, "Fine, 35 coins it is. Let me go get the money."

   As the Furfrou trotted off to a different part of the store, Jake whispered, "Aren't they worth only 4 coins?"

   "4.5. Round up, Jake."

Team Orian
Team RodShark

I had a LOT of fun with this, heheheh.
I should really write for Vic and Krauss more, they're my own 'sonas after all ;w;
Also, the shiny Umbreon & Mawile are gonna reappear in some way in the future ewe
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