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   The two 'mons marched down the streets, a Zangoose & a Banette. The Normal-type was talking to the ghost, currently saying, "-nd no offense moves, we're not supposed to kill anyone."

   Carrie rolled her eyes, grinning slightly. "A' least not yet," she whispered. Zachary quickly turned his head to her, slightly opening his mouth. He quickly shut it again, looking away with a slight grunt. Carrie immediately turned to him, asking, "So where's the li'l Diane that's always skippin' around ya?"

   "I told her to stay home, it's too dangerous for her. That Gourgeist you tried to steal from is watching over her while I'm gone," he replied. Carrie nodded, humming disappointedly at the answer. They continued on their way quietly, passing by hardly anyone, except for a few from the guilds.

   After a few minutes of wandering around, the two of them eventually found Kara, a group of other 'mons standing around her. In front of her were a group of about 9 'mons, including an Absol, two Sableyes, one a shiny, an Umbreon, other various Dark-types, and a Spiritomb, the purple &, I think..coming out of its stone shaped similarly to a Gardevoir, which was talking to the Pancham. Zach & Carrie walked into the grouping behind Kara, listening to the conversation between the two Dark-types. Well...more like the sarcasm & mocking between them, but eh.

   The ghost straightened themself, having been leaning towards the guild proxy, and said, "Not like we're in any trouble anyway, we've done nothing wrong."

   The non-shiny Sableye hopped forward, adding "Yet!" The other Sable hopped to him, smacking him in the head and whispering "Stupid brother" before pulling him back.

   "Megan, keep your brother under control, or you're sleeping with fishes," the Spiritomb told the shiny. Megan nodded, her brother sitting and saying, "Sorry, brother." The shiny flicked him in the head. "It's 'sister', not 'brother'."

   Kara cracked her knuckles, growling, "Just get out of here before we make you."

   The Spiritomb crossed their arms & grinned, saying, "Give it your best shot." The 8 'mons behind her got into fight-ready poses, as the 'mons behind Kara did the same.

   Zach pulled his hood up and slowly moved closer to the center of the grouping, Carrie commenting on the situation quietly while she followed behind.

   All of them turned when a Sneasel flew out of the window of the shop behind the gang members. An ever so familiar Pangoro appeared at the broken window, yelling, "Don't ever tell me how to run my shop!" He stomped back to the back of the shop as the Sneasel slowly pulled themself back up, before falling over again.

   After a moment of staring, the Absol jumped at the Pancham, slashing at her, just barely missing before getting punched back. The other 'mons started charging at each other, a fist fight breaking out among them.

   Carrie chuckled, then ran to the others, grabbing a Purrloin & slamming them into the ground. Zach hesitated, until he felt something grab his leg. He looked down, seeing the purple Sableye grin at him, followed by quickly crawling up Zach's front. When the little ghost was just about on his face, Zach grabbed him & held him away from himself. Immediately, he felt something hop onto his cape, causing him to drop the Sable, and then onto his head. The gold Sable on his head pulled back on Zach, then slammed her head into his, causing him to grab his head & stumble forward as the shiny hopped off of him, and the two ghosts ran somewhere else in the street fight.

   Zach shook his head, feeling a bit fuzzy, then looked about the place. He could see that they were already beating the little gang, being more numeral. Maybe we should make this easier, a little fire wouldn't hurt. He saw the Absol run out of a larger clumping, almost beaten. With another shake of his head, Zach charged on all fours at the Absol, ramming into their side. Zach quickly hopped back up and balled his fist, standing over the Absol.

   As the Dark-type started to slowly get back up, Zach got ready to fight, then the Umbreon jumped onto the Zangoose, knocking him onto his back. The Umbreon turned to the Absol & waited for them to stand again before turning back to Zach. He bared his teeth for a second, then stared down at him in shock. "Z-..Zachary?"

   Zach stared back in equal shock, then realization. "Huey?!" They stared for a couple seconds, before they heard the Spiritomb yell "We gotta go!" Huey turned to the voice, then hopped off Zach & ran. Zach watched him go, staying on the ground.

   A minute of lying still later, Carrie walked over to him & held her hand out to him. Zach looked up at her, then let her pull him up. They walked back to the main group, noticing that two local guards, a Breloom & a Gallade, had arrived and were talking with Kara.

   "Alright, miss Kara, we'll leave you alone," the Breloom said. Carrie was disappointed that they didn't hear the rest of the conversation, watching them as they walked past the group. The Gallade looked over at the group, their eye stopping on the Banette. The Gallade whispered to the Breloom, the two of them slowing.

   After some seconds they approached Zach & Carrie, stopping in front of them. The Breloom spoke. "Carrie V. Kirkland, you're to come with us on multiple accounts of fraud & thievery," he told her.

   Carrie became confused, then chuckled silently, staring at the ground. "It was only a matter of time." She looked up at the two, saying, "Gimme a moment." She turned to Zach, her face going from humored to worried as soon as she was facing him. She leaned close to his ear & quickly whispered, "Zachy boy, ya gotta help me 'ere. get outta this, or look after Norman until I get out, please."

   Zach thought for a moment, then nodded, whispering back, "I'll figure something out." Carrie smiled again, whispering a quick "Thanks" before turning back to the guards with a grin. She told them "Le's go" before following them away.

   Kara tapped Zach, telling him, "That's gotta wait though, we still got the rest of the night to keep watch, then you can help your girlfriend."

   Zach quickly turned to the Pancham, saying, "She's not my girlfriend!" The guild leader rolled her eyes, then walked back to the front of the group of 'mons.
Client: Kara
Errand: #8
Date Issued: August 5, 2014
Date Due: August 9, 2014

Team Orian

No Dianna, instead a Carrie, and then some new people, and now I will go away.

And yes, 'Fighttime' is a play on 'nighttime'.

Kara belongs to :iconchillysundance:
Pokemon belongs to Gamefreak Inc.
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