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In the darkness of the stage, Jake released the metallic gray shards, watching them encircle the Rotom at center-stage. Sam held her eyes level with the Sceptile, watching him as he looked back. She could finally hear the whirring of the shards spinning around her, see them blurred across her her vision. She launched electric bolts at the ring, enshrouding herself with it. She focused the bolts into as close a rounded shape as they could. Jake walked back out onto the stage, false spectacles sitting on his nose. From within the ball, Sam’s voice echoed, “Why has thou awakened me, nerdy one?” With a small cough, Jake said back, “I merely require assistance, Lady Lolly.” “It’s Klosa!” Sam shouted at the small Grass Turtle. Whispering, she said, “What the f*** am I doing?” Jake chuckled, “I’m sorry ‘your majesty’, I didn’t realise gibberish was your tongue.” The ball moved closer to the Turtwig. “You’re one to talk, you’re just lucky I speak science nerd!” Jake closed his eyes & shook his head. “So naive, you electric shrew.” Sam was shaking, feeling as if the comment was meant for her. She shouted “Shut up, Jake!” before blasting him out of the building with a sudden zap.

Client: Rowanhardt
Errand no: #4
Date Issued: 12th May 2014
Date Due: 16th May 2014

Team RodShark

Sam was told it was supposed to be Blue Aura, not electricity
AAAAAAAND RodShark too
*runs to the hills*

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