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   The evening sun slowly lowered in the sky as the two pokemon stood in front of the usually bland red-brick wall. The wall had been redecorated with the Andalusst tower depicted in smokey ruin, with the words 'Guild F*ckups' written on it. Zachary sighed & turned to the bag on the floor behind him, rummaging through its contents.

   Dianna examined the wall, an image slowly forming in her head. Zach pulled an empty bucket from the bag. Tossing it down the street, he pulled out other miscellanious items, such as statuettes, another bucket, & a very random sandwich.

   When he finally pulled out a rag, he turned back to the wall, ready to clean some of the mess. He dropped the rag in surprise as he saw what Dianna had re-painted the wall as: The tower decorated with shining lights & various pokemon, with paint hiding the words under them.

   After a small moment of silence, Zach pulled his hood back over his head & motioned for Dianna to follow him as he went to find Luke for their reward.
Client: Luke
Errand no: #1
Date Issued: 14th April 2014
Date Due: 17th April 2014

Yep, done. No dialogue, just description. I like it

Team Orian
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