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   The Zangoose adjusted the ice pack taped to his head for the umpteenth time. "That Combusken can sure pack a punch...And why do I have to have this bag taped to my head?" He muttered.

   The Banette manning a makeshift stall in front of him, Carrie, answered, "So's ya can have both a'your hands available, No-ear."

   Zach sighed as he went back to making simple egg sandwiches. At his feet, a Ralts & Espurr were painting designs onto eggs splayed out on the floor, a Joltik hopping around them.

   Sam leaned against her hand, elbow placed onto the table, glaring at the pearly white egg in front of her. Jake watched her, slowly getting more worried. In front of him was a half-painted egg and a brush.

   Sam finally picked up the egg & spun it in her hand, continuing to glare. After a moment she tossed the egg into the small crowd in front of them, hitting a random Kirlia on the noggin. They heard him shout "Bloody hell!" Sam sighed and said, "I hate this."

   A Zangoose with a bite in his ear & a guitar in his hand almost rammed into the stall, surprising Carrie. He immediately took of across the place. Behind him ran a Zorua that was shouting angrily & a Porygon-Z.

   Sam & Jake watched as the three of them disappeared into the sunrise.
Title inspration (In case of offence o o; ) :…

Errand dos & stuff o3o Done by both teams at the same time o3o

Client: Sundance
Errand no: #2
Date Issued: 23rd April 2014
Date Due: 27th April 2014

Team Orian
Team RodShark

Mentioning Smudge of Team Oasis
Appearance by Nile of Team 1AM
Appearance of a Zangoose that has yet to actually be in Unity, SURIP :P
And the first appearance of Krauss & Victor in Unity :dance:

Smudge belongs to :iconvazlakat:
Nerl belongs to :iconinyourfridge:
Orian & RodShark belong to :iconzman24:

Pokemon belongs to Gamefreak inc.
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I guess you can say that Nile's...

lmao thats so bad
also thanks for the cameo <3