Cold Celebration pt. 1

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   The four 'mons walked into the icy lodgehouse, Zach scanning the immediate room past the short hallway, a dining area, he assumed. At his feet, a Ralts and shiny Espurr were conversing quite loudly. A small Joltick was on the Ralts head, giggling along and mumbling unintelligible words.

   They made their way into the first room, surprised by the immediate shift in temperature. The young ones stopped talking and looked around the place in awe, taking in the decorations that covered the room. Decorative streamers and a multitude of balloons, ahoy. Little ice flowers sat on the tables as well.

   Zach continued to look around, scanning the crowd, a tinge of nervousness hidden by an uncaring expression. Amongst the crowd he saw a few faces that were familiar in one way or another: The Combusken he tried to steal from months earlier, that pissy Rotom and her Turtwig partner, that one pin-nosed Stunky, the rather quirky Ralts and that protective Mismagious. Each were only seen for mere seconds before he lost them in the crowd. Zach crouched down and tapped the kids, who had silently took in the atmosphere. When they turned to him, he whispered, "Now, I'm trusting you three won't get hurt on your own, can I hold you to that?"

   Dianna exclaimed a quick "Yea!" While Norman and Kyle simply nodded. With a smile, Zach patted the kids' heads, then scratched Kyle's. "What're you gonna do?" Norman asked.

   Zach stood up, stating, "I'll just stay here at the area, take a little break from the action," He began walking to the bar, "You go ahead now, have fun."

   The three of them watched until Zach sat down at the bar and started talking to the ambassador, ordering some drink. Dianna suddenly clapped her hands, causing the other two to flinch. "This is gonna be great!" she yelled.

   At the bar, Zach pulled his hood back over his head, sipping solemnly at the Nomel berry drink that Ayami had brought him. He looked back at the entrance, watching as the trio ran off somewhere. He was about to turn away when they left his sight, but a familiar duo of Sableyes caught his attention, scampering across the lodge and out the back. Zach sighed, turning back to the bar. Of course the narrator put them in. Yep, have fun, Zachy-boy.

   Sam glared at the turtle across the table from her, him happily eating a collection of berries from his plate. Jake finally looked up and noticed her glare, smile dropping into a frown. "What's the matter?" he asked.

   Sam huffed, "Why did we come to this stupid thing if I'm just gonna watch you eat all day? It's not like I don't any other day anyways. In fact, can we just leave right now? All these people are getting on my nerves." She glanced around the room, her electric shell wavering slightly.

   Jake hummed disappointedly, blinked, then smiled again. "Hey yea, you hate crowds," Sam looked back to Jake, sending a death glare at him, "Well, how about we go outside, ey? Seems like most of the party-goers are in here right now." Sam stared at him for a minute longer, then nodded, crossing her arms. "Good," Jake exclaimed, hopping off his chair and trotting to the entrance, Sam floating along behind him.

Mainly setup for the event, trying to churn through this thing so bear with me. I do hope that if I get some of it, enough to meet the criteria, I can still get the body paint, 'cause I doubt I'll get everything in time. Either way I'll finish this story, but leave the unfinished stuff as a personal story.

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