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   Dianna let out her breath, then held her hands in front of her, using Psychic to push the cart in front of her along. Behind her, Zach shook a Vigoroth's hand, saying, "I can't believe you kept that old thing."

   "Well, o' course, Zachy," he leaned closer, adding, "I needed some way ta pull...'supplies'...across the land." He winked, then chuckled quietly.

   Zach nodded, telling him, "Well thanks, Jacob." The Vigoroth tipped his hat, then walked back to the small house beside him. Zach turned back to Dianna, surprised when he noticed she was already gone from his sight.

   Sam let her hand smack into the Sneasel's cheek, shouting, "Shut the fuck up and you'll live, idiot!" The Sneasel stared at the Rotom, then nodded slowly, lip quivering.

   The Sableye tied up beside her growled, "Zeke doesn't like being tied up." The shiny Sable beside him kicked him in the leg, Sam floating down to him.

   "Maybe Zeke should learn not complain, or he's going back to the grave."

   "...Zeke's never been in a grave."

   "Whatever, shush!"

   A Turtwig made his way over to Sam, telling her, "Uh, Sammy, I got their cart outside, we can go now." Sam looked down at the Grass-type, then nodded, turning to leave the place.

   The Sneasel shouted after the two. "Hey, what 'bout us?!"

   Continuing to float away, Sam replied, "Figure it out, you're criminals after all."
Client: Solstice
Errand: #9
Date Issued: August 15, 2014
Date Due: August 20, 2014

Team Orian

Ey look, it's those gang guys again.

Remember them?

Yea they're crap.

Sam doesn't like their crap.

Also someone else from Zach's past
Who's supposed to appear in an in-progress epilogue for Task set 1
But is instead here...
Oki bye.

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