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I'm a die-hard Final Fantasy fan from China. I've collected all the Platinum Trophies from all  the Final Fantasy games released on PS3 so far.Mr.Tetsuya Nomura's artworks have always been  my favorites. He's art style and design concepts have given me great inspiration and  motivation in creating this piece of artwork.

Lightning is one of my favorite Final Fantasy characters.The name of this costume is Queling. In Chinese  it means Peacock's Feathers.The costume highlights the Chinese fashion style and features a  mixture of both Chinese and Japanese culture with the combination of the Chinese  dress, peacock feathers, and the Japanese hannya mask.

Pleash excuse the lack of details in Lightning's sword and shield design. I did those in a hurry in order to catch the deadline.

I'm truly looking forward to receiving any advice,or feedback you may have.Thank you! 
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Love the porcelain (er ancient chinese?) armor and qipao concept awesome!
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awesome!! this is totally great!
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When I saw the LRFF13 contest, it has last limited period of time. Unfortunately I couldn't finish a totally design because of the rush time.I draw the rest part of design in these days for day and night, in order to don't cause irreparable regrets in the future. This is my final version of Queling design. Thank you for all the friends. Hope you enjoy it! :) (Smile)
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intricate and stylish! cool!
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wonderful design, great colors. Very unique. Good luck!
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This is amazing! 
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Great character design! And good luck in the contest!
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thankyou very much!!
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The peacock inspiration is amazing...
We can definitly sense the inspiration from China and it's really wonderful.

I like how the shield merge the peacock with a demon, reminding us of the power of this pretty lady.
Marvelous work :clap:
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thank you !!!
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:happybounce: thankyou!
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I got a Lighting-peacock-design rival here.... damn. xD
But still I really do like the combination of dress and peacock feathers. I also like how you combined chinese fashion with the japanese culture. All in all it makes a very convincing and expressive impression. :) (Smile) 

But still it'd annoy me to loose to an other peacock design. Stare But your feathers look so beautiful and I wouldn't be surprised if you win!! Huggle! So good luck to the both of us! :D (Big Grin) 
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Great minds think alike!!:happybounce:  good luck to the both of us! !
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The design is really beautiful and elegant! Adding up the portrait makes it perfect!
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nice explanation detail on your character design, good job.
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Ja pierdole ale wazelina.
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:D (Big Grin) thankyou !!
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You'll be popular on DA belive me ;)
It's nice work and the costume is very good
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Clap thankyou very much~~
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真牛逼! 你画得真好啊 n_n
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