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As I continue to draw everything for next ArtSeason and I continue to practice the use of my WACOM, I wanted to share this one, I draw faster now so I can do episode comics more often.

Little extra comic! I don't consider this to be in the "main line" of my MLP comics as it's way too basic, it's just two panels long and I drew just one of them and has no background (Twi is shaded tho!).

It's just a joke I thought when I saw Twilight for a fraction of a second on yesterday's episode "The Perfect Pear". It was very random to see Twi there, I think I never saw her as only a BG character, Something similar came to my mind on "Raiders of the Lost Mark" when all of the sudden Twilight appears like for a second like "I have to be seen bitches!"; but I didn't do a comic about that one... 

About the episode, I think it was very sweet, lots of cool things and continuity to see, Mayor Mare's pink mane, the Mare in the Moon still there as well there were new things to see like Mrs. Cake backstory (first time hearing about her past!, she was so cute I have to draw her now!) as well as that Sam Eliot pony and Lebowski pony returning. An overall good episode, glad I didn't have any head-cannon for AJ parents so hearing the canon one was entertaining as I wasn't comparing it unconsciously to another story or so.

What did you think of the episode?

Link to the episode:…

Screencap from MLP S7E13 "The Perfect Pear". The second panel is sketched with Paint Tool SAI 1.2.5 with a BAMBOO CTL-470 and colored and shaded with Photoshop CS4.

 and it's logo MY LITTLE PONY and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used without permission © 2010-2017 Hasbro.

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That is weird. Imagine seeing a citizen of ponyville being in ponyville. What's next, will Shining Armor be in the Crystal Empire?