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Comic 83: To Each His Own

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Published: March 25, 2017
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Now it has a trailer accurate Dashie (don't take it seriously).


Based on this logo:derpicdn.net/img/view/2017/1/1…

In some respects... they all got new ears so.. poor AJ just cannot catch a break :XD:
Not a spoiler at all, some humor based on the promotional art of the mane six that has popped up here and there, I was wondering about doing a comic about the mane six being sea ponies but I can't come up with a good idea... maybe just a single image will do.

 and it's logo MY LITTLE PONY and all related characters are tradarks of Hasbro and are used without permission © 2010-2017 Hasbro.

>>>¡¡The Art Season Continues!!<<< 

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DrWhoFan611Hobbyist Writer
Slightly different hooves would do, guys. Geeze, it's like earth ponies are an inferior race...
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Earth ponies got acknowledged.
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And the land mines got a new.... Wait we can't see those cause they are underground... I guess we will never know what new thing Hasbro gave the land mines :/
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SarryckHobbyist Digital Artist
Alicorns get new crowns?
Setakarn's avatar
On the first day of movie hype, Hasbro gave to me...
Hehe, nice one
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traducción,el grupo es latino.
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xAjelandroxHobbyist Filmographer
Seguramente lo habras entendido pero aqui lo tradusco para los que no

En la pelicula de 2017

-Los unicornios tendran cuernos puntiagudos
-Los pegasos un nuevo estilo de alas
-Y los terrestres..... ¿nuevas orejas?
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Aahhh, todavía me pregunto cuál es el chiste de publicar cosas en inglés si el grupo es latino.
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ABrightSideHobbyist Writer
Eh, a pointy horn would make me nervous. And now I'm wondering why I have one in my avatar picture...
AvalonLionWolf's avatar
Oh, is that shading I see?
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
At least they are pretty

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Oh well Applejack, at least you're not the only one... :XD:
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jyroman53Hobbyist Digital Artist
Like kirby in the SSBB trailer !
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That is a shame but really there is nothing you can do for earth ponies they are already perfect, lol.
No1MporXant's avatar
Earth Ponies always seem to get the Short End of the Stick, how sad.
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jeroen01Hobbyist Digital Artist
Earth ponies are the most commen in the show!
No1MporXant's avatar
Yeah, and that's just plain sad, because they've only used a hand full of different species of Equines that they could use in this franchise, they've mostly just used Earth Ponies, Pegasi, Unicorns & Alicorns, yet they still haven't done much with Donkeys, Mules, Zebras & Bat-Ponies, and they still have yet to revamp the G1 Flutter-Ponies[Butterfly-Winged Ponies] and there are so many other species that mostly can be found in mythologies from all over the world, I mean leaks from the 2017 MLP Movie have revealed the use of Hippogriffs[Gryphons with Rear-Halves of Ponies] & Sea-Ponies(who's Designs are more based on Hippocamps[Greek Mermaid-Ponies] than G1's Pony-Headed Seahorses), but there are still so many more that they could have been using Seasons Ago.

Like Hippalectryons[Greek Hybrid - Front-Halves of Horses/Rear-Halves of Chickens], Kelpies[Scottish Lake Water-Horses], Longmas[Chinese Winged Dragon-Horses], Each-uisge[River Water-Horses similar to Kelpies, but far more vicious], Tikbalangs[Philippines Anthro-Horse, Equine equivalent of Minotaurs], Inkanyambas[South African Horse-Headed Sea-Serpent], Malora[aka the Brazilian "Headless Mule", expect it has Fire for a Head], Centaurs[specifically Equine versions since Tirek was closer to a Bovine-like Centaur], Onocentaurs[Donkey-like Centaurs], Ichthyocentaurs[Centaurs that are Part-Human, Part-Horse & Part-Fish], Allocamelus[Doney-Headed Camel], Nuckelavee[Orcadian Horse-like Demon], Sleipnir[Norse 8-Legged Horse of Odin], Uchchaihshravas[Hindu 7-Headed Horse], and of course the Twonicorns[2-Horned Unicorns, not to be confused with "Bicorn", which is actually an Evil Flesh-Eating European Mythological Cow-Panther Monster].

Any ways this franchise would be some much greater if they included more characters that are based off of all these other Species of Equines, maybe they could more likely do that if they do more stuff that takes place Outside of Equestria, seriously a whole Planet full of Mythological/Magical Creatures, and they still haven't completely covered that 1 entire Country in the last 6 to 7 Years!
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TP-NightHobbyist General Artist
If you don't mind, I'm going to "borrow" this list of myths, for two reasons.

1 - I like mythology, and somehow I've missed most of these, so I want to look them up a bit more.

2 - They might be useful for MLP fanfic writing, if I do anything with a mythology theme or something some day.

But like you suggest, I have this fan-theory that there ARE tons more creatures, most o fthem just happen to be in the parts
we have NOT Seen in the show yet... the upcoming movie basically confirms this by having several yet-unseen species,
and taking place in a location we HAVEN'T seen in the show yet, and in the few places we HAVE seen, they've added the (not so many) species
we DO have confirmed, such as the Breezies, Changeling hive, Tirek and his brother (forgot the name).

So some of these COULD exist, just not in the parts we've seen or heard of yet, but I agree, we DO need more species / sub-species,
AND more attention to the ones we already have (bat-ponies, zebras, donkeys, mules). 
No1MporXant's avatar
Go Right Ahead! The more People who know of these Creatures & Beings the Better I say!
TP-Night's avatar
TP-NightHobbyist General Artist
Exactly my thought as well. Mythology is fun / interesting, and there's simply (excuse the language) SO F*CKING MUCH of it,
especially once you start including ALL countries / religions / tribes etc... All mythologies of the world, and all variations of them...

almost impossible amounts of stuff Dance! 

I love all sorts of mythology, supernatural stuff, cryptozoology (probably misspelled that, but I think you know what I mean), alien stuff...

As for this list of horse-myths - copied and saved, so now I can look them up, 
and maybe use some for fanfics later. 

For example, I could have Twilight read mythology books in some story, or Daring Do could come across some old legends
that turn out to NOT be myths, or something like that OMG MOAR POEMS! 
No1MporXant's avatar
Yeah, All THAT stuff is a veritable gold mine of ideas for things to use in Story Telling, too bad not enough writers of Actual Movies/TV can come up with some good ideas based off of or inspired by all of this stuff.

As for me, aside from Equine-Deities & the Equines of Deities, like Sleipnir[Norse], Uchchaihshravas[Hindu], Arion[Greek], Haizum[Islamic], Tulpar[Turkish], and more(check HERE for more listings, and HERE as an extension), I believe that for the MLP:FiM World, the only other species of Magical Pony that could be More Powerful than even the Alicorn(Winged-Unicorn), would be the Twonicorn(2-Horned Unicorn), because I believe that their 2nd Horn would be the Magical Equine equivalent of the Human's 3rd Eye, something that can be found in Hindu & Chinese beliefs.
TP-Night's avatar
TP-NightHobbyist General Artist
I've heard of the Twonicorn, and I'm somewhat falimiliar with various versions of the Third Eye,
and well... I agree, it does sound plausible that it could be something equal / similar to that,
and that Twonmicorns COULD be even more powerful than (or at least equal to) Alicorns,
if they existed in MLP. At the VERY least, they'd be somewhere between Uni and Ali in terms of power,
having the extra horn INSTEAD of the wings basically.

Also, thanks for the lists, I'll be sure to save those... Will come in VERY handy both for random for-fun research
and actual use-in-stories research, especially in the future, as I plan to expand beyond MLP fanfics at some point
and write some none-MLP sci-fi and fantasy stuff, which could easily be made to involve mythological creatures,
such as most fantasy stories... and with those lists, I can find some of the less-used ones,
and give my stories SOME uniqueness compared to most mainstream fantasy stuff. OMG MOAR POEMS! 
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