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Comic 80: Debatable

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Published: February 4, 2017
© 2017 - 2020 ZSparkonequus

I had the idea for this comic since last season and since the first (and only) time I watched that scene with Rainbow and the other pony having a nerd debate over a [non-]fictional character and their books. The background pony, which is named Carrot Bun, was something that sticked to me, she was so damn adorable I just had to do something with her.

Anyway, this was supposed to be longer but I couldn't find any good punchline so I reduced it to a single-panel comic so it wouldn't have much of a punchline but only a situation. Enjoy!

Done in Photoshop CS4

HASBRO and it's logo MY LITTLE PONY and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used without permission © 2017 Hasbro.

>>>Next, a MiniPoni! The Art Season Continues!!<<< 

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roseswirl78Student General Artist
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Waitress: OH FUR not this argument again.
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That's no reason to enjoy another pony's misery lady.
invinible's avatar
Where is comic 79?
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
This is my gift, my curse. Who I am? I am Carrot Bun.
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PacificGreenHobbyist Digital Artist
Good question: why are you here?
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Because my Cutie Mark condemns me to a dreary life of selling junk food to undiscerning eaters and this is better than selling Carrot inna Bun on the streets?
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Why are you here?  For the $10.50 an hour.  Now get back to work!
bigdogfinest's avatar
Wait do they actually pay that much for that or what.....
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Jesper6Hobbyist Writer
One of my favorite parts of that episode was that convention staffer.
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lol, that was hilarious.
BenRG's avatar
Yeah, I got the impression that the concession stand mare was bored out of her skull (as well as disgusted by the clientèle) too!
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*sneaks behind the counter*
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catluvr2Hobbyist General Artist
"Mommy Yearling"?
What even is that?
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kaisernathan1701Hobbyist General Artist
I bet later she causes drama to entertain herself :)
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meiyeezhuHobbyist Traditional Artist
If you really hate it here, then why don't you go out and get another job?!
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ZSparkonequusHobbyist Digital Artist
'Cause that's what her cutie mark is telling her.
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meiyeezhuHobbyist Traditional Artist
Maybe she should consult the CMTA (Cutie Mark Talent Agency)
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lmao, omg thissssss
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That mare in that awesome hat is like:"what am I doing here? What am I doing with life? I'm just a drink stall mare. Why has Celestia forsaken me?"
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