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Comic 46: Discord's Song

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Published: January 1, 2014
© 2014 - 2020 ZSparkonequus

I had this idea like ten months ago as a part of my coming comic "A Bit of Sweetness", this point of the plot will be one of the most important ones and will chain a lot of really neat events in the comic.
The concept and idea of Discord singing is something I always wanted to see and I literally made my dream to come true, it was a bit cooler in my head because I imagined it a video but I can't make videos so this is what I have and I love it, just as I planned.


A loud noise is heard in ponyville, the whole town gathers to see what's happening. The noises were caused apparently by Discord who is acting like if he wasn't reformed.

Fluttershy: "Discord, stop making mean things and apologize!" 

[Discord throws a flame towards Fluttershy.]

FlutterShy: "okthxbye, do whatever you want"

RainbowDash (stops Fluttershy from fleeing): "You're not going anywhere"

Twilight: "But, Discord, I thought you were our friend already..."

Discord: "I never wanted to be a good guy! hmmm..."

Discord: "... it seems like nopony recognizes me around here..."


Applejack: We already know you, but that's what you USED to be.

Pinkie: And why would you not want to be our friend?

Discord: Being a good guy is a struggle! Being bad gives me a reason to live.

Twilight; You are just obliging us to fight you...

Discord: Go ahead, try to stop me, without the elements of harmony!

P. Celestia: Stop! You won't stop him like this!

Fluttershy: Princess?!

P. Celestia: He's not Discord, at least not the original one.

P. Luna: I can confirm it, I entered on his dreams multiple times and he struggled trying to be a good being. So, one day, he just discorded himself.

Applejack: He what?! Is he even capable of doing that?

Rainbow Dash: It appears as he already did...and what are going to do?

And that's it, it is not the final dialogue and is kind of cut out but there's the idea, I hope you enjoy it, any comment is welcome!

Image done in PsCS4.

HASBRO and it's logo MY LITTLE PONY and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used without permission © 2013 Hasbro.

Many thanks to the vector artists that made a big amount of the backgrounds presented here, I did like 30% of them and I used and edited backgrounds made by:

:iconboneswolbach: :iconaustiniousi: :iconthelastgherkin: :iconzutheskunk: :iconmandydax: :iconcloudshadezer0: :icondipi11: :iconlirachiu:

Happy New Year!


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Cool! Eso fue increíble!
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BonBon1HeartStudent Artist
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I like this, I really like this. Especially how he is messing with all of them in his own unique way. Except Lyra and Bon Bon. He's just scaring them, heck I think he's molesting Bon Bon!
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ZSparkonequusHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it. I really think about the flow of this comic for a while to make it fit as good as I could with the characters personalities.
I think that the trolling against them is actually pretty personalized because he is making Lyra jealous (notice the blushing) by seducing Bon Bon, you know, because of the implied relationship around the fandom.
Haha, I don't think about it nor I did draw it thinking about molestation (And I would never do), it's just a seducing thing, like with Fleur de Lis :XD:
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ClockblockersHobbyist Digital Artist
:icondr-whoofnoesplz: : I don't know how I got into this. Shouldn't the Master be having drums?
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Blackfire2QStudent Artist
I just had "sweet victory" stuck in my head.
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also xD god I have cute hooves RD:I'm awesome 20% cooler RD ROCKS! XD
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arcadunatoHobbyist Artist
I can't see the enlarged version.
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ZSparkonequusHobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe your internet connection is taking too long to load the full size image, refreshing it a few times should solve the problem.
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arcadunatoHobbyist Artist
Sry its mah phone. its old and sucks. sry fer the disturbance.
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siggie740Hobbyist Digital Artist
"God I have cute hooves..."
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Moonstar-SilverClanStudent General Artist
Am I the only one that saw that Octavia is not playing the violin correctly?? Cause I am a violinist , and that's not how to play it at all....
Kitcat36's avatar
Seriously!  She's holding the bow backwards AND upside down *facehoof*  Well, the upside down part COULD be just something with the perspective...but still...... *facehoof*
Moonstar-SilverClan's avatar
Moonstar-SilverClanStudent General Artist
I know! But the upside down could still be correct, since theres a way to play with the bow upside down, using the wood. I don't know how its called in English thou, since I learned (and is still learning, 6 years still not enough to be a pro ;p) in French.
Kitcat36's avatar
Wow, really?  I never heard of that before!  I played the viola all through high school but I wouldn't say I'm very good.  Just have a little experience with the simple stuff xD  And I am seriously out of practice.  Thanks for the interesting info! Doesn't change the fact that Octavia is holding the wrong end of the bow, however...
Moonstar-SilverClan's avatar
Moonstar-SilverClanStudent General Artist
Cool, Viola is fun, I tried it once, but since I mostly play in orchestras the viola partitions in an ensemble aren't really fun, since you mostly are supporting others, and playing always the same notes :/   Lol, you should practice now, and maybe become the best viola player ever! ^^  No problem for the info ^^ And its real, Octavia and her upside down bow haha ;p
Kitcat36's avatar
I know what you mean about violas not getting the fun parts!!  I learned in orchestra class so I would've been in the position you describe but for the fact my teacher had started with viola and went out of her way to choose music that had interesting parts for ALL the different instruments.  I really, really appreciate that.  And yeah, I really should practice more xD  I'm not going to be the best ever, though xD  
Moonstar-SilverClan's avatar
Moonstar-SilverClanStudent General Artist
That's awesome! Because I learned in real huge orchestras, so when I tried viola all the violons , cello, and flutes where getting the cool parts. Now I earned my place as 1st violin haha ;p,
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Congrats!  That's really cool.  And yeah, I'm really grateful that my orchestra teacher made such a point of finding music that had interesting parts for all the sections <3
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i like it but no it is stupid i look on youtube ASTAROTH BY MAGO DE OZ there no english on it but it perfect on discord comic english. can you make a videos on comic song discord
PMV is better
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pokemonlegend999Hobbyist Artist
how did discord turn of he SUN!?
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