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Comic 45: How Magic Duel Should Have Ended

That's probably the longest tittle I have ever used.

I had this idea while reading a comic called "How Magic Duel Should Have Gone" and I thought the joke was going to be this one so I did it myself.
My return to the comics! So, while I keep delaying my comic "A Bit of Sweetness", I'll do some more individual comics.
And why I keep delaying my long running comic? Because it is not easy to write a long story in the form of a comic and make it work or to be interesting the whole trial.
In the last weeks I was posting individual images but I'm done with that, maybe I'll some more later but for now I'll stick to comics for some time. (I actually have to do another individual image, a request for: :iconunassuminguser: )

The backgrounds are made by :iconboneswolbach:

Comic done in PsCS4.

HASBRO and it's logo MY LITTLE PONY and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used without permission © 2013 Hasbro.

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"fastest pencil in the west!" (that's from a VERY old comic strip, Rick o'shay and Hipshot)
i've also read at least one fan-comic where Trixie was better at illusion spells than Twilight.
Robotponytron's avatar
Fuck u trixie! Fuck u so hard... Ewww
SP33DCxRE--SLvT's avatar
Twilight has a floating book XD
BonBon1Heart's avatar
IRL i draw the same as Trixie...
in a computer i draw kinda like Twilight XD
StormCutie's avatar
Basically my life ^
Missmoonrise's avatar
oh poor Twilight
From what we saw in the show, Twilight is pretty good in drawing.
TheRockinStallion's avatar
Twily can't draw, Twily can't draw
Twily cannot draw
She only reads books and she cannot draw
Even if she's reading a 'How to Draw' book…
E-guardias's avatar
That used to be me, until i figured out that you can use a computer to draw things.
CarbonKnite's avatar
Huh?  I was expecting one of them to have a shotgun.
robot emoticon :fire: 
ZSparkonequus's avatar
It would have been better if they kissed.
Rainbowfac's avatar
Wait, how is Twilight holding her book?
Tiny-Spiderpaws's avatar
I noticed that too!
JinseiKyuzai's avatar
Toy Story did it first, but good job nonetheless.
Fire5236's avatar
Aww.. reminds me of me. Because I can't draw either! I'm just horrible at it, even when following the easy tutorials... :(

If I could draw, I would make lots of mlp comics. I have so many great ideas but can't share them :cry:
GamziMakr's avatar
I feel your pain, Twilight. 
malis22's avatar
* paints mona lesa * tremble before  me 
trixie: never
* lights trixies mane in fire * 
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