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.Comic 18: Best Sisters.

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"Best Sisters"

Woot! Finally, the season two has come to it's end and the two part season finale was for sure the best and most epic episodes from the series so far...
These were my favorite parts of the episode:

-Pinkie sneezing confetti.
-Lyra talking.
-DJ-P0N-3 appearance and the way she appeared with pinkie was perfect.
-The songs... all of them.
-Princess Cadence dancing very tired to prove Twilight she's real (It was so cute and sad!.)
-Luna's appearance and the way she acts.
-Luna trolling... yes trolling because she wasn't in the fight.
-The scene when they are fighting against the clones, all those kicks and punches made me feel I was watching PPG.
-Apple Jack doing the Apple Lie face.

And a LOT of other things, the atmosphere, the setting and all in general was perfect. Thanks to the MLP:FIM studio!!!!

So... from the things I liked, I wanted to do a comic this very day and I chosen Luna trolling, I really like Luna's and Celestia's sisterhood and I made a little joke about why Luna wasn't in the battle.
Sigh... lets wait again...

Done In Photoshop CS4 in about 3 hours.

(Use it in pages like ponibooru, EQD, ponychan or a forum or you can traduce it.)

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This damn episode was an evil plan believe me!!! D:
there was so much fan service but in very small pieces so we shout MOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAR..... TAKE OUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!
hahaha just epic, really it was brilliant.....and smart comments on youtube "anyone thought of the little mermaid"? lol

So yeah, this comic is short,well coloured, cool drawing and LOL <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/let…" width="15" height="15" alt=":P" title=":P (Lick)"/> , can´t say much more than that about the script but i liked it and the expressions pretty much completes everything in here. Guess luna can´t fight during day?
Mmmm, now that i notice... the first blocks have a weird size compared to the others, full symethric scares will help
keep the good job
good to see a forgiving celestia nowadays
pd: originality pints were less just cause...you know...it´s a parody after all <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/f/f…" width="15" height="15" alt=":(" title=":( (Sad)"/>, but don´t want to let you down or anything. just being fair to DA
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Oh yeah, Little Mermaid. I had the same feeling. I told my dad "really, the song and the villain reminded me of the Little Mermaid!"
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juankmloProfessional General Artist
hahaha indeed.
you saw it with your dad?
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Nope, he was at work. Also, we're mexican, and I'm the one that speaks english. He can read enough for work and the likes, but he can't really understand when it's spoken. Also, he's not a Brony, but he always accept my likings and I can speak about them with him.
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I like the builduphere: casual glance first, the 'Oh cud' look followed by the epic confrontation and realisation...
The snort is pretty intimidating, Celestia's battered look is nicely constructed without being exaggerated. The end result is plain hilarity.

But on the subject matter, I have one remark. It could have been a bit longer, or warrant a sequel. Think about it: one of the sisters hasn't seen war in a thousand years. The other has had a millenium worth of hatred pent up and just itching to lash out at someone. Can you imagine Luna doing a military debriefing about all the combat spells she'd have used? Bonus points if she rolls a D20.

But seriously: by all accounts, Luna should be the fighter of the two. Once she realises there's been a fight, she should at least respond with some sort of sad sigh about missing the opportunity of messing someone up. But that's the only critique I can come up with, it may not be shared by others.
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I thought it would be a reasonable excuess but you know what, I honestly expected Luna not to appear. She never does in any of the fighting or shows (by the way I am happy so much since they included her on the show and her voice was changed to speak normal pony and it shounded beautiful!!!!!) Anyways so this is funny but I swear I thought I have seen this somewhere else, or used in the same reference when Celestia was against Discord.
Anyways this is truely amazing and funny and I love it! Great job and keep it up!!
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No really nice way to express Luna's somewhat trolling to her sister. Although it wasnt her fault. She stayed up all night to be night watch, so she was probably sleeping back at her castle. As a matter of fact this episode proved she doesn't stay at Canterlot as she came through the shield at night.

The snorting you did to Celestia definitely shows her anger. The lighting could be a little better, but Ill let it go as that's your style. Im not much of a critic. Celestia sure does look beat up through XD Stilll, Luna is a great sister and probably would of rushed to her if she knew what was happening that day, if she didn't have to stay up all night.
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XD so true I saw that picture she's napping while Canterlot is being destroyed xD
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reminds me of a weird story where Luna somehow predicted what was going to happen, flew ahead, was waiting when Chrysalis crashed into something, then took her to the moon!
and later she did the same thing to Sombra.
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Supermariochris4Hobbyist Artist
Crazy celetia 
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well you see I took these 3 sea shells and...i'll just, be going. ahem
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OH! I get it now! :D
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LUNA: "Well, I found these three sea shells...uh...btw, uh...that's an interesting look you're wearing tonight, Tia. Special occasion?"
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yea i wish my sister was like this((not real sister)laire and seasona) we aee too like that (me) i meant ashleuy(other) oh sorry
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ShappyraStudent Digital Artist
what sun did she go?
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XxdarkChaosMLG2xXStudent Filmographer
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That would be my sister and me.
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So what did you do lol
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rosepink0011Student Artist
few what happend to u tia?
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AlexKazhdanHobbyist Traditional Artist
The fight with Chrysalis, remember?
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rosepink0011Student Artist
oh yeah sorry forgot about it ....im soooo stupied...oh well thx 
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AlexKazhdanHobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem. :)
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