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June 9, 2011
World of Warcraft fanart by *ZsoltKosa
The suggester says: "The motion effect together with the fantasy theme have made this art marvelous."
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Suggested by cmtrhn
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World of Warcraft fanart

This is my first World of warcraft fanart. Enjoy!
just a little interesting thing
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Really nice picture, mind checking some of mine? :) 
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Could I have permission to use this in a presentation I'm doing for my college class? We have to ensure we aren't infringing on any kind of copyrights.
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I don't really play much WoW, so forgive me if I am wrong, but I really love the dress of your character! I've gotten so used to male characters being in giant, ultra-heavy armour while the women MAYBE get their belly covered, that seeing this character heavily geared with some oversized armour is really cool. Not to mention that the magic effect is also fantastic, and the background! Wow!
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this is SO cool!!!
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Thought I should let you know that this is being sold on etsy:…

I hope the seller has your permission, and if not, please report them.
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All is well, until it becomes a forsaken. We need it in Lordaeron. hehehe.
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This is beyond great! :) I just love it! :)
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Hi! I'm from a new magazine! The first issue isn't out yet but we were wandering if we could use this piece of fanart in our fanart gallery? We are a fandom magazine! And all fanart gets credited to the original artist! If your interested please email: Thank you!
D679116's avatar
Hello ZsoltKosa and anyone that might be reading this.

I'm in need of an artist that can draw a cool looking pig character with emphasis of BBQing.  I'm wondering if you might know of a good place to look for an artist that can draw such an image (or if you can).  

What I'm looking for:
More of a cartoonish looking pig that has a BBQ country look, a stocky and muscular build.
Would like him holding a rifle as if he just shot something while still pointing at the ground and smoke trickling out of the barrel.
Would like him grinning from the side of his mouth with a cigar crunched between his teeth.  

If you look at my Avatar, this is what I would like him to resemble but his grin should be a little more on the evil grin side, his hat be a cowboy hat and the skin tone be a little more darker.  

If anyone can help me find someone that can draw a character like this that would be great!

Thank you           
TheAstronomicon's avatar
Warcraft fanart that isn't overly sexualized? I approve entirely, a good piece.
TazoolNynx's avatar
The Mage is such a cool class!
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What program do people use to make something like this?!?
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This is sick, looks just like my character.
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Amazing work.
For my graphic design class, I was required to make a calendar, using only images found online.
My theme was WoW... Hope you don't mind I used your image!

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