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Water Colossus

Water colossus. This is my third entry for the contest. Thank you so much for the lot of comments, I hope you will like this one too!:)
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Hi. Would you possibly mind if I use your sea monster in a digital manipulation art piece? It's not for sail. Just for fun.

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Wow! Just, Wow! I love this. Nice work!
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Very nice mix of sea life with the elemental aspect. Love the water torso and crab hands the best.
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i wish i could be like that okaay.... ...... cool
EternalUniverse1's avatar
*Takes control*
I.... AM....... The God of the SEA!!!!!!
Fear my wrath!!!
apocalipsis666's avatar
mmm, interesting, it looks like a kraken, like an island
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The tiny characters for scale are a nice touch, along with the detailing of the water. 
This is the best creature art on the internet! Amazing job. I want this pained on my car.
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Excellent! I love his style, and the choices you've made. He would make a superb addition to a film or game.
GeoManX's avatar
Amazing! I love the water twister translucence... Congrats!
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Amazing!!! Much better then kraken of pirates of caribbean or Clash of the titans! +++++
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This is so cool!
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The water element represents control. Either its used in power, healing, etc. But this is scary. The squid colossus is showing off pure power and showing that that is his waters. Your drawing brings fear! Great job!
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R u crazy man? This is perfect!!!
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Amazing work!
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this is really cool.
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elég jól néz ki! :D
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I just saw all entries and call me crazy but i just cant understand how come this was not 1st place [link] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE MOST EPIC MONSTER I HAVE EVER SEEN. its just not fair how cant they see that all your entries are supposed to be in the First 3 places. I'm really disappointed from the judges
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Another awesome pic
That's what water elementals would look like if they were real in my opinion
Redmist81's avatar
Hope 4 an immediate death if I saw this!
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