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Air Colossus

Thunder colossus
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amazing, I love the mixture of the tornado and the lightning folding into this massive monster. very well done
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WOW SUCH Storm <3
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So creative Strong! 

This reminds me of a dream about "Giant dinosaurs attacked a town and all people ran to hid in a public toilet at a public park which was the only safe place to them. The T-rex dinosaur's tiny eyes were too sharp that could spot any tiny person try to hide even if it was behind many walls away from them. They still could see him. I tried to shoot their eyes with arrows but they were too many so I ran to hide. 
When I woke up I felt a big mess was in everywhere. It might be real and happened invisibly !! 
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The forehead and chest are lit like a solid, the light should transmit through the volume and barely leave shadow.
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Magnificent work of art.
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I love the colors of the Air/Storm Elemental. Also the hands being lightning is cool too.  Finally the three tornadoes are neat too.  Saw this on a D&D game group I belong to.
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FB-on a dA megosztotta a munkádat:…
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Awesome! I swear i could see this kind of stuff in god of war. Amazing man!^_^
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I love the idea! Especially the lightning hands!
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I live in tornado alley so this really hits home fer me!
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I love the colors used, and as for the Colossus, it's brilliant to use clouds as the main structure and accent it with the lightning. Great work!
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My dude wow awesome love it ;D
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Looks really good. You captured the drama into the lightning hands. Love it!
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Love your art, had to check out the rest of the gallery.  Your Colossus pieces are great, very clever how they are formed.   But I don't see a Fire Colossus, I bet you could do a great job with that.
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