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why is there so much good stuff out here on DA? its maddening...
my eyes are dying but its worth it ;)
whOOOOAA its been so long since I had a good look at DA and logged on...jesus its so big now...i still remember the day when we broke 1 million submissions and that was a huge milestone....look at us now though....skyrocketed to over 55 million submissions and counting!

Anyways, lifes been  hectic with uni, work, job hunting and all the rest of it... i hardly get to dabble much in Photoshop or anything these days cos it feels so time consuming sitting in front of a computer and making a wallpaper or something (i still make an odd logo here and there) is much faster and you actually get to go out and get some fresh air and talk to people while you're at it.... all thanks to the great street photographers and photojournalists of our day who have been hugely inspiring.

The last photos i uploaded on DA were all shot using a digital compact (a panaosnic 2MP with a so called ''leica'' lens lol). Since then I've gone through two DSLRs and am onto my third....its been kinda expensive...especially replacing the gear that got stolen but in the end I reckon its all worth it.

So, I guess I hope to be a bit more active again in the future and be able to start sharing some of the things I've seen and photographed. And as for now, time to get some of those nasty engineering assignments outta the way.

Zai Jian