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Truly announcing my deeply official society6 store:

Patrick Alexander Monetises His Assets

Right now boasting a shitload of art prints, hopefully including all the pictures from recent-ish years about which you have said to me, "I’d love to buy a print of that." But if not, please tell me what’s missing and I’ll clean it up and make it available. (This invitation includes comic pages too, not just illustrations.)

I can put these pictures on other products as well, like t-shirts, smartphone cases, wall clocks and so on, but they require a little extra design work, so if there’s something particular you’d like to see, let me know.

So! This is nice.


By the way, if you have a society6 store yourself, chuck me a link; I’d like to see it.

Oh, and: do you think I should start selling prints through deviantart too? For some reason I was always put off by the idea.
Hello! If you're a follower of my work and happen to be situated in North America, you may be interested to learn that I will be hopefully visiting that part of the world during May, with a group of Australian cartoonists. We'll be showing ourselves off at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) and attending special events in Montreal and Seattle but only if we can gather the necessary funds. If all goes well I'll be visiting Portland, too.

If you will be or can be in any of those places, I'd love to meet you!

You can learn about the Caravan at our website:

And, importantly, you can help the whole thing happen by contributing to our indiegogo campaign:…

Thanks for caring!

Oh and while I'm here: I have a Tumblr now too.
Hello dears. If you like the sort of drawings I've been putting in my gallery, you will probably want to download my new, free PDF booklet of just those sort of drawings. It's called 'Another 25 Drawings of Raymondo Person Standing Next to Trees and Things and Waving at You'.…

What's more, all of the artwork in the booklet is available to buy!

There's also a high-resolution version of the booklet available, if you'd like to support my work but can't afford any original art right now.

Hope you enjoy my new drawings! Thanks for reading.
Time for my yearly (apparently) journal entry!

Currently, I'm doing (non-EEGRA) Hilarity Comics right here:

You might notice that the Hilarity Comics site is just a part of a larger site called 'Comics by Patrick Alexander'. Have a look around!

Here's my 'main' website, where I'll let you know about anything I do that isn't comics:

You can follow me on Twitter, too, if that's a thing you do:

Thanks for looking at my drawings and things! I appreciate it.
I guess some people pretty much live on deviantART and update their journals all the time, eh? Oh to be young.

I added a few pieces to my gallery and scrapbook just now. There are some more coasters on the way but I haven't gotten around to painting them yet.

I have been updating my webcomic, Raymondo Person, quite a bit lately! Look and see:

The Raymondo website is all fancy now, with an RSS feed, and comments, and all that sort of stuff. Also, there are links there to my Twitter, and my photo album, and other such things that may be of interest to fans, stalkers and so on.

Oh! I will be appearing next month at one or more of the 'Comic Book Funny' events in Melbourne. Keep an eye on the Raymondo website for further information about that.

Oh shit! I never even mentioned here about Eegra. This is Eegra:

It's a website about videogames. I do comics and articles and things for it. There is a forum too, but please lurk before posting, and actually read the content of the website. Don't be one of THOSE PEOPLE.

See you rater!
Hi there! Just a quick note, here, to let you know that I have added the Pickleman issue 3 front and back covers to my Scraps section. What you have to keep in mind is that I am very awesome, and so, my Scraps section is several million times better than the vast majority of actual galleries here on 'dA' (as I believe the young people are calling it). So check it out!

Also, don't forget that I do commissions! I'm a big whore!
I've just finished putting all the old Total Gamer news comics in my 'scraps' section. I decided they ought to go somewhere, and it's not going to be anywhere else, is it? So, yes: If you're interested to see them, that's where they are.

I'll do the same thing with some other bits and pieces, too. There's a good few older pieces I still quite like, but they're just too old to put in the main gallery. Like the Pickleman #3 front and back covers, for instance -- I might do them next.

While I'm on the topic: Keep an eye on Total Gamer, because it will feature new news comics by me, very soon! And also because it's a good magazine!
Hello; I've finally joined this gigantic internet circle-jerk. Pleasure to be here.

I do commissions, so email me if you're interested.

That's all for now.