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Welcome to the Hazbin Hotel with Sinner's Key!

share your Hazbin "Sinners" or Demon Fan characters to interact with the Demons of :iconvivzmind:'s Hazbin Hotel!…


Attack Of The Sentinels by cheifleadfinger Attack Of The Sentinels :iconcheifleadfinger:cheifleadfinger 59 15 may hell be with you by cheifleadfinger may hell be with you :iconcheifleadfinger:cheifleadfinger 39 11 Charlie by TonyNeely Charlie :icontonyneely:TonyNeely 77 0 Kiss out off Lust by ElizabethNorthWind Kiss out off Lust :iconelizabethnorthwind:ElizabethNorthWind 5 0 Alastor by Madarami Alastor :iconmadarami:Madarami 140 5
Special dinner
November 4th...
Normal POV
This forest was the territory of Radio Demon. Here he loved to hunt deer. Night is the perfect time to hunt. Alastor was hiding behind a tree. A deer stood in a clearing and ate grass, not even suspecting that he would soon be dinner. Alastor was already looking forward to what he would cook from deer today. Suddenly, the deer heard a noise and ran away. Alastor was unhappy that someone had frightened off his dinner. Then he smelled a delectable aroma that he had never before felt in Hell. It was something unusual.
"Now who would be stupid enough to enter my forest, let alone scare off my dinner?" Alastor said to himself "Whoever it is, it smells delicious *licks his teeth*".
Julia's POV
I thought "Now I understand why Pierrot and Joker were against me coming here."
After I teleported to Hell, I decided to explore Pentagram City. The demons of Hell were like humans, wolves, dragons, and strange creatures. I did not have tim
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Welcome to Hell
November 5th...
Normal POV
Alastor slept on the bed. His hand lay on his swollen belly. Julia was sleeping in the stomach of Radio Demon. Two days ago, she was eaten by Alastor as dinner. But she was too interesting to kill her. Alastor woke up and looked at the time. It was seven in the morning.
"Time to wake up, sleepyhead" Alastor said poking his belly.
Julia moaned in response, but she did not wake up.
"As much as I want you in there longer, we have a world to go to" Alastor said turning on some jazz music.
Julia's POV
I woke up from hearing melodious jazz.
I sleepily said "Good morning, Alastor. How do you feel? Did you have a problem?"
I blushed with embarrassment.
Alastor teased "Oh no my dear. You're quite a treat that I want to have again, but later. By the way you're cute when you blush".
We cheeks became even redder. I heard the click of his fingers. Then I appeared on the bed next to Alastor. My suit was clean, but something was left...
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November 11th...
Bry's POV
I woke up on a bed in my house. Outside the window was sunny weather.
I asked myself "What that journey a dream?".
Then I heard Julia's voice "It was not a dream. Alastor brought us back home."
I turned my head and saw Julia in an Internet Demon costume. In her hands was a tray with an apple pie and a mug of hot chocolate. She put the tray on the nightstand near the bed.
I said "So they're real".
Julia said "Yes. I found a way to get into another world."
I said "That means; Pierrot and Joker will be back any minute. We have to protect our new friends".
Julia said "But while they are gone, I suggest you eat an apple pie for courage"
I said "Thanks. I need all the courage I can get for this".
After breakfast we went to the living room. For courage, Julia brought a bowl of sweets. Then I turned on PlayStation 4. We took turns playing the Final Fantasy XV. Sometimes we took a break to eat sweets. Ten minutes later, Pierrot and Joker came.
Julia smil
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Best prayer
Bry's POV
Hazbin Hotel
I put myself in order and lowered down. Angel Dust sat on the couch, holding an ice pack to his head. He looked displeased at Julia. She sat in an armchair and ate puffs with Adyghe cheese. Alastor was standing next to her. Charlie was bustling around Angel.
I asked "What happened this time?".
Angel Dust said "It seems you forgot to not warn me that Julia doesn’t like when someone touches her. Was it necessary to beat me? I just wanted to get some ice cream."
Julia replied "But before that, you decided to hit my waist. Eye for an eye."
I said "Apparently I missed something here".
Julia said "I can show you."
Then she snapped her fingers. A magic screen appeared in the air and began to show the video. On the screen, Julia walked around the hotel at night. There was a flashlight in her hand. Apparently, she went for sweets. I knew about one of Julia's habits. When she can't sleep, she eats sweets. Hearing the creak of the floor, Julia started an
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Normal POV
Hazbin Hotel
Tonight Alastor and Bry watched an interesting sight. Charlie tried to tickle Julia, but her attempts failed. The Internet Demon deftly dodged her hands. Ten minutes later, Charlie gave up and returned to work. Then came the turn of Angel Dust. The furry spider was persistent because he wanted to find out why Julia avoided tickling. Angel Dust tried to capture Julia, but she turned into a shadow. As a result, Angel crashed into a wall. All subsequent Angel's attempts were in vain. The Internet Demon avoided his touches. Julia held out her hand to Angel's face, and a black little lightning with red sparks hit him. The hair on Angel's head stood on end. Now his head looked like a dandelion. Bry laughed to tears. Julia left the company and left somewhere. Alastor followed Julia. He saw how she disappeared around the bend of the corridor. Following her, Alastor did not find her in the corridor. Julia appeared behind Alastor and began to sneak.
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Normal POV
Vox was sitting in his office. He was angry at the Internet Demon. Until now, he remembered how they met. It was a completely ordinary and unremarkable day in Hell. Bry sat in a cafe and ate chocolate ice cream. On the other side were Alastor and a girl in a dark blue classic suit. They were talking about something, but Vox did not listen to them. He sat down to Bry and began to persuade her to work in his porn studio. He wanted to add Bry to his collection. Then someone patted him on the shoulder. Vox turned around and saw the girl who was talking with Alastor. She called herself Julia, the Internet Demon. Then she knocked him out with a shovel on the head. Why couldn't she just stay away, as most demons did? Other demons never interfere with Vox’s affairs. So why did she stop him? Finding Julia was not a big deal. She was at the Hazbin Hotel with Bry and Alastor. Julia was not afraid of Vox; she even threatened him that she would rip all his wires
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Underhell - The Fallen Human by Tyrranux
Mature content
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Ashes to Dust
Dust to lust
Til' Death due us part
But we're already past that phase…
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