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My Bio
I love drawing and writing short stories about who I draw, or what I draw. Sometimes I even make a story first and then draw up the character, or scenery

Favourite Visual Artist
None, yet
Favourite Movies
Home, The MCU, Inside Out, Two guns, John Wick, The Equalizer
Favourite TV Shows
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, A Series of unfortunate Events, Black Sails, Game of Thrones
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, Mitis,
Favourite Books
The Legend of the Sword of Truth, Harry Potter, Almost all Manga
Favourite Writers
Terry Goodkind, Terry Brooks, R.A. Salvatore
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy 7, Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Dragoon
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Tablet and pen
Other Interests
Swordplay, Archery and Woodworking
   "Eva!" PA Sarah, she's about the same height as I am, with dirty blonde super curly hair and green scrubs,  calls out to me, in her adorably squeaky voice, from behind her desk at the E.R., "What are you still doing here, your shift is over, go home, enjoy your weekend." I look over at her with a weary smile, I just finished a twelve hour night shift, "Just need to get Mr. Robbins the blood from downstairs." She looks at me incredulously, "I'll get Desmond to take care of it, the Head Nurse will chew me out again if you get any more overtime," she says just as Desmond, the newest nurse, who's about 6' something almost no hair on his head a
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Starting Work

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"Tetra, what in Hylia's name are you doing?!" Impa calls to me from the main room of our current home, the day after we got to Ordon, "I am strapping up my boots, and getting ready to help Izu with making a living for ourselves," I say as I finish lacing my boot and stand up. "That is too risky, what if someone recognizes you?" I look at Impa and place my hands on her shoulders, "The only people in this town who have met me are the Mayor and Rasl, and they are both trustworthy individuals, they both helped Link six years ago during the Twilight War. You have nothing to worry about, Izu is over at the Mayor's explaining what happened and to no
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I draw my blade as well, narrowly deflecting his attack, "Hmph, it seems like he isn't the only one to have improved," Ganondorf says, while laughing maniacally. Link jumps into the air bringing his blade down, Ganondorf quickly jumps back evading his attack, as I charge forward, thrusting my rapier for Ganondorf's heart, he is barely able to block me, as I feel Link come around from my right side, and bring his blade up to slash Ganondorf's face. Ganondorf, with almost inhuman speed, brings his blade up to block Link's attack completely. His laughter continuing through all of this, as he brings his blade around and swings for my neck, Link q
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