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Zlesdin Imports 5 CLOSED



Ouch, these were delayed by a few days because I was summoned out of town with a very short notice x'D
Ah well, time for another batch of Zlesdins imports, no? 

Read about the breed and owning a Zlesdin here. Don't forget to register your Zlesdin in the group! =)


Zlesdins are:
Bullet; Yellow Gaited - their lateral ambling gait skeggas is pleasant, like a slow trot in speed and can be maintained for long periods of time. It's not 'flashy', but with training they can be taught to move more extravagantly. 
Bullet; Yellow Extremely well-suited for long-distance riding, jumping, eventing and racing, among other things
Bullet; Yellow Resistant to extreme temperatures - they are a steppe breed and are used to burning summers and freezing winters
Bullet; Yellow A fictive breed - inspired by akhal tekes, don horses, karabakhs, arabian horses and various racking horses
Red more about the breed here:

Bullet; Yellow First come, first serve
Bullet; Yellow Draw to adopt or 50 points
Bullet; Yellow New owner decides name/personality/age, but horse MUST remain a Zlesdin
Bullet; Yellow Wait for my OK before you start drawing/sending points c:
Bullet; Yellow Once you have made a claim, I'll hold the horse for you until you finish the drawing/send points. If you're busy and have to wait for some time before you can finish the drawing that's absolutely alright; I'll hold the horse meanwhile (within reason, of course). If you stop responding for prolonged periods of time/want to withdraw the claim, however, the horse will be offered up for adoption again (if others have tried to claim the horse they will, of course, get the offer first).


Horses for sale:

1)                            Gender: Mare
                                 Breed: Zlesdin
                                 Colour: Black rabicano (w/ skunk tail)
                                 Genotype: Ee/aa/nRb
                                 SOLD TO

2)                            Gender: Stallion
                                 Breed: Zlesdin
                                 Colour: Flaxen chestnut
                                 Genotype: ee/Aa/ff
                                 SOLD TO

3)                            Gender: Mare
                                 Breed: Zlesdin
                                 Colour: Light bay
                                 Genotype: Ee/Aa
                                 SOLD TO

4)                            Gender: Stallion
                                 Breed: Zlesdin
                                 Colour: Grullo
                                 Genotype: Ee/aa/DD
                                 SOLD TO

5)                            Gender: Mare
                                 Breed: Zlesdin
                                 Colour: Liver chestnut
                                 Genotype: ee/Aa
                                 SOLD TO

6)                            Gender: Mare
                                 Breed: Zlesdin
                                 Colour: Dapple grey (black base)
                                 Genotype: Ee/aa/Gg
                                 SOLD TO

ENJOY :dummy:


The Zlesdin breed + art/designs are mine
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is 6 would get off hold, would I be able to try art for her? :O