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ZS Karn Evil



:new: NEW template since Karn is no longer stabled at Zdarloch Sejrbank.

Karn markings by Zoubstance

^ Detailed marking sheet.


Karn by Zoubstance

ZS Karn Evil

Bullet; Red SUPREME ZLESDIN Bullet; Red

Name: ZS Karn Evil
Meaning: (it's a wordplay over 'Carnival' )
Nickname: Karn
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Zlesdin
Height: 176 cm (still growing)
Age: 3 years
Discipline: Dressage
Rider/handler: Connor Gideon Goldenweiser
Owner: Goldenzymes Pharmaceuticals  ( Connor Gideon Goldenweiser )

Colour: Seal brown sabino
Markings: Irregular blaze, sock (right front), white heel (left front), tall sock w/ hoof strip (left hind), gulastra plume, blue eyes
Genotype: Ee/Ata/nSb
Breeding status: :bulletorange: Inquire

Karn is a tall and imposing stallion... but do not let his name nor his stature fool you; he is the biggest gentleman you could ever meet. His ground manners are impeccable and he is gentle towards humans and other horses alike. Certainly not a horse to cause troubles in a group. Changes in setting and routines put him off, however, and he gets fearful in the company of strangers. 
He moves with tremendous power and lovely gaits - in particular, he commands a great canter (which he is often happy to show off).

Quirks/other info:
:bulletred: Is oddly fond of chewing on people's clothes when he is relaxed and content. 
:bulletred: Loves snow, sand, water and practically anything he can paw dramatically at with a front leg.
:bulletred: He prefers a strict daily routine and gets upset with unexpected changes.
:bulletred: Is very attentive to his handler and likes to please. 


------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown 
----------------- SS: unknown 
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown 
Sire: Zarathustra
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown 
----------------- SD: unknown 
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown 
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown 
----------------- DS: unknown 
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown 
Dam: Opheliac my Madness
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown 
----------------- DD: unknown 
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown 

:bulletred: Full brother of Red Baron



- BBR 24
AR Phest Evil
James Moriarty
ASRC Reiltin Oir
CBS Karn Evil's Fest Evil 
DHEC Media Evil
CDS Abu Simbel
LNS Katharacta
Temptress of Evil


Registered with

ID: ZS0101

Registered - 1 ZP (+3 for fullbody ref)
1 ZP for accepted registration image

- Sire: Zarathustra  |  Rank Rhan, 8 ZP
- Dam: Opheliac my Madness  | Rank Zayus, +2 ZP
1 ZP for each name in pedigree

- BBR 24   |  Rank Fleder, +3 ZP
AR Phest Evil   |  Rank Shendik, +8 ZP
James Moriarty   |  Rank Fleder, +3 ZP
ASRC Reiltin Oir    |   Rank Fleder  + 3 ZP
CBS Karn Evil's Fest Evil      |   Rank Fleder  + 3 ZP
DHEC Media Evil      |   Rank Fleder  + 3 ZP
CDS Abu Simbel   |   Rank Fleder  + 3 ZP
LNS Katharacta   |   Rank Dimer  + 1 ZP
Temptress of Evil   |   Rank Dimer  + 1 ZP
Ghazal   |   Rank Dimer  + 1 ZP
1 ZP for every purebred offspring

Show entries
- AQS Winter Event | Foal halter +5 ZP | 1st place (+5 zp)
2017 Summer Ending Grandprix | Halter +5 ZP | 1st place (+5 zp)
Dune stop me now  + 8 ZP | 1st place (+5 zp)
Zlesdin Breed Demo: ALL ABOARD   + 5 ZP   |  NON-COMPETITIVE EVENT
5 ZP for every show entry; 1st place +5 ZP, 2nd place +3 ZP, 3rd place +2 ZP

- New kid on the block (foal ref) + 3ZP
Naygerikr mayner  + 1 ZP
- Zdarstruck 4  + 3 ZP
Chillin'  + 3 ZP
Chillin' 2  + 3 ZP
Family Portrait  + 3 ZP
A blessing on your head  + 2 ZP
2.7: Ilde Stedt + 3 zp
2.8: You mean if +3 zp
In the meantime 2 +2 zp
3.3: Old Friends +2 zp
3.5: How did you do that? +3 zp
3.8: Chaim +2+2 ZP
3.9: Plotting + 3 ZP
3.10: Squirrel + 2 ZP
Corn + 3 ZP
Skeggalicious + 5 ZP
3.12: Kicking the bucket + 3 ZP
3.14: Diplomacy fail + 3 ZP
Zlesdin'ed for Greatness + 5 ZP
3.17: Shocking + 3 ZP
- COLLAB: Do you meme that + 3 ZP
The ecstacy of Corn + 8 ZP
COLLAB: Fredensbaawww + 3 ZP
Cue the trumpets + 3 ZP
Karnma + 3 ZP
4.12: Better Not
Training image 3 ZP full-body, 2 ZP half-body

Art by others
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Karn Evil  (by Concinnity-Castle)
- Merry Christmas (by Ysval)
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- Same procedure as every year (by Chelissima)
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Happy birthday Zoubbbb (by Trivia-Rose)
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- Karn (by samuRAI-same)
Kvalitetstid (by Prettybold)
Congenital Blepitis (by BonBonBerry)
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Knight in the order of the bleps (by MrsIvory)
Slot Payment for Zoubstance (by SofiesDrawings)
I did a thing and this is the breeding pic (by cattarb)
And Then There Were Three (by oxymelon)
Horse drawn by another artist 1 ZP

Total ZPs: 210
Level 7: Shendik

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


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Wood texture from cgtextures
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