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Sejrbank Sagadir



(no need to change his prefix if you have him listed as ZS Sagadir in a pedigree ;)  )

Sejrbank Sagadir

:bulletred: SUPREME ZLESDIN :bulletred:
:bulletred: :bulletorange: TRIPLE SHENDIK ZLESDIN :bulletorange: :bulletred:

Name: Sejrbank Sagadir
Meaning: Screamer
Nickname: Sagir / Swagadir / 'Frat Boy'
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Zlesdin
Height: 172 cm
Age: 12 years
Discipline: Dressage (Grand prix level), halter, liberty

Owner: Zdarloch Sejrbank (Andy unofficially)
Rider/handler:  Simon Kvark Guldborg  (formerly Connor Goldenweiser)

Colour: Dapple grey (smokey black base, rabicano carrier)
Markings: Socks on hind legs
Genotype: Ee/aa/nCr/Gg/nRb
Breeding status: :bulletgreen: Open! For 100 :points: or drawing of him. Breeding picture optional but encouraged. Open to Zlesdin mares and mares approved for Zlesdin part-breds.

Sagir is a loud and very vocal stallion - as his picture might suggest. He is the ultimate braggart and will do anything to get the attention he thinks he deserves. While his hot and abrasive temper might be intimidating to some, it is important to stress that Sagir is by no means mean-spirited - simply a big show-off and kind of a diva. He is easily distracted by his surroundings (especially by other horses), and keeping him focused during training can be a daunting task. When concentrated, however, he can perform the most impressive dressage - his extended trot being particularly breath-taking.

Quirks/other info:
:bulletred: Prefers to be given orders in Polish.
:bulletred: Is an extremely sensitive horse under saddle. Was trained by Connor to respond to super subtle aids, meaning you have to be a very precise rider to make use of it.
:bulletred: Has the attention span of a toddler and is easily distracted by his surroundings.
:bulletred: Is easily bored in the stable; requires a lot of paddock time.


------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown 
----------------- SS: unknown 
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown 
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown 
----------------- SD: unknown 
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown 
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown 
----------------- DS: unknown 
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown 
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown 
----------------- DD: unknown 
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown 



WChS Asif   |   Foal image   |   Breeding picture
SPM Sagadir Merosi   |  Foal image    |   Breeding picture
GV Velociraptor    |   Breeding picture
SVS Sanora Air    |    Breeding picture
Lix Tetrax    |   Foal image    |    Breeding picture
SV's Close to Heaven   |   Breeding picture
Shakespeare [SEH]  |  Breeding picture
CAS Jinlarning Masxaraboz   |   Foal image  |  Breeding picture
MR Jagerpilot   |   Breeding picture
SG Morning Sollys   |   Breeding picture
DRM Ajax The Great   |   Breeding picture
RD's Town Crier   |   Breeding picture
LCEC Sairah   |   Foal image   |   Breeding picture
LCEC Cadfael   |   Foal image   |   Breeding picture
UM Stellir   |   Breeding picture
Stein's Palestrina
SB's Safran   |   Breeding picture
PVS Stolen Dance 
Kastell's Vita Falken  |  Foal image   |   Breeding picture
RWE Post Tenebras Lux
HSE Hila
AE Sakina
NE Seldara
HTS Selkyrian
ZS Schlimazel Tov
SBS Ebony Maw
ASRC September's Skyline   |   Breeding picture
CE Freestyle | ZS0463
CH Krikun   |   Breeding picture
Pine Hill's Betelgeuse
SBF Cobalt Sea
AR Ceasar
Dragonhawk's Tsarmyn Burged  |  Breeding picture
AEC inquinavi 
Kasai's Master of the House   |   Breeding picture
PWS Saving Signs of Hope
ASU Shanghai
ASU Las Vegas
CS Wendigo
AH Fabled Saga
AE Rising from Ashes
MF Eptia Vasiliades
Sekhmet di San Marco
FRS Khamron
NRS Hangman
QS Loan Shark

Part-bred offspring:
LCS - Scream for Me  |  Breeding picture
LCS - Give Me a Scream  |  Breeding picture
LCS - You Scream I Scream  |  Breeding picture
LCS Gimme Gimme More
Salt  |  Breeding picture
NW Saratoga Shout  |  Breeding picture
Sagavanirktok | Tiktok
Whittakers California Screamin
LM With The Force


Registered with

ID: ZS0005

Registered - 1 ZP
1 ZP for accepted registration image (+3 zp for fullbody ref)

1 ZP for each name in pedigree

WChS Asif  | Rank Fleder, +3 zp  
SPM Sagadir Merosi  | Rank Tazer, +4 zp  
GV Velociraptor  |  Rank Tazer +4 zp
SVS Sanora Air   |  Rank Zayus +2 zp
Lix Tetrax  |  Rank Fleder+ 3 zp
SV's Close to Heaven  |  Rank Zayus, + 2 zp
Shakespeare [SEH]  |  Rank Shendik, +10 zp
CAS Jinlarning Masxaraboz  |  Rank Zayus, +2 zp
MR Jagerpilot  |  Rank Shendik, +10 zp
SG Morning Sollys  |  Rank Tazer, +4 zp
DRM Ajax The Great  |  Rank Fleder, +3 zp
RD's Town Crier   |  Rank Shendik, +10 zp
LCEC Sairah   |   Rank Zayus, +2 zp
LCEC Cadfael   |   Rank Zayus, +2 zp
UM Stellir   |   Rank Zayus, +2 zp
RWE Post Tenebras Lux   |   Rank Rhan, +6 zp
Stein's Palestrina   |  Rank Fleder, +3 zp
SB's Safran   |   Rank Zayus, +2 zp
PVS Stolen Dance   |   Rank Zayus, +2 zp
Kastell's Vita Falken   |   Rank Zayus, +2 zp
HSE Hila   |   Rank Zayus, +2 zp
AE Sakina   |   Rank Zayus, +2 zp
ZM0357 NE Seldara   |   Rank Zayus, +2 zp
HTS Selkyrian   |   Rank Zayus, +2 zp
ZS Schlimazel Tov  |  Rank Fleder +3 zp
SBS Ebony Maw   |   Rank Rhan, + 6 zp
ASRC September's Skyline   |  Rank Fleder +3 zp
CE Freestyle |  Rank Fleder + 3 zp
CH Krikun   |   Rank Fleder, + 3 zp
Pine Hill's Betelgeuse    |   Rank Zayus, + 2 zp
SBF Cobalt Sea    |   Rank Zayus, + 2 zp
AR Ceasar   |  Rank Rhan +6 zp
Dragonhawk's Tsarmyn Burged  |  Rank Fleder +3 zp
AEC inquinavi    |   Rank Zayus, + 2 zp
Kasai's Master of the House    |   Rank Zayus, + 2 zp
Lavash    |   Rank Zayus, + 2 zp
PWS Saving Signs of Hope     |   Rank Zayus, + 2 zp
ASU Shanghai   |   Rank Zayus, + 2 zp
ASU Las Vegas   |   Rank Zayus, + 2 zp
CS Wendigo   |   Rank Shendik, +10 zp
AH Fabled Saga   |   Rank Zayus, + 2 zp
AE Rising from Ashes  |  Rank Fleder +3 zp
MF Eptia Vasiliades  |  Rank Fleder +3 zp
Sekhmet di San Marco   |   Rank Zayus, + 2 zp
FRS Khamron   |   Rank Zayus, + 2 zp
NRS Hangman   |   Rank Zayus, + 2 zp
QS Loan Shark   |   Rank Zayus, + 2 zp
1 ZP for every purebred offspring

Show entries
- Spectacular Stallion Show | Liberty +5 zp | 1st place (+5 zp)
- SFE First Liberty Show | Liberty +5 zp | 5th place
- Hunters Lake Contest 2014 | Dressage +5 zp | 1st place (+5 zp)
- Rogue's Patriot Games | Patriot Games +5 zp | 1st place (+5 zp)
WS Elite Dressage Event | Dressage  +5 zp  | 1st place (+5 zp)
Summer stroll | Halter  +5zp | 1st place (+5 zp)
NIEC15 | Dressage  +5zp  | 1st place (+5 zp)
Baroque and Roll! | Dressage  +5 zp+1 zp  | 2nd place (+3 zp)
One Last Dance | Dressage +5zp  |  1st place (+5 zp)
RDHS Cup - Dazzle them +5zp  |  1st place (+5 zp)
Kvark Parat Start..  +5zp  |  1st place (+5 zp)
Back at it +5zp  |  1st place (+5 zp)
Imperial Dressage +24 zp  |  1st place (+5 zp)
-Special Talent for Chaos  +20 zp    |  1st place (+5 zp)
Cypressed Emotions +8 zp  |  1st place (+5 zp)
Harpg Olympics: Dream Big + 15 zp   |  1st place (+5 zp)
Beerserker  + 5 ZP  (non-competitive event)
ACT 2: ASH  + 5 ZP  (non-competitive event)
Stonks +5zp  (CLEAR)
IWD: Sorrig og glaede + 26 zp  |  1st place (+5 zp)
Zlesdin Breed Demo: ALL ABOARD  + 5 ZP  (non-competitive event)
5 ZP for every show entry; 1st place +5 ZP, 2nd place +3 ZP, 3rd place +2 ZP

The White December 2014/15
TWD - Hungary | Endurance  +5 zp
The Awesome Foursome + 3 ZP
TWD - Good Company + 3 ZP

The White December 2016/17
TWD | Koebenhavn  + 5 zp
Warp in Progress + 5 zp
COLLAB: March + 3 zp

It takes effort + 3 ZP
The boys of Zdarloch + 2 ZP
Sagadir Inspection + 3 ZP
Sagadir warm-up + 3 ZP
Tuborg or not Tuborg + 3 ZP
Winter training + 3 ZP
Piaffalicious + 3 ZP
Piaffalicious 2 + 3 ZP
Epistaxis  + 2 ZP
Accidents happen + 2 ZP
Death rides a pale horse + 2 ZP
Veloci-wraptor + 3 ZP
Spritbilist + 3 ZP
Side story: Saturday morning + 3 ZP
Zdarstruck 2 + 3 ZP 
'Magical'  + 2 ZP
Nerves + 3 ZP
Zdarstruck 3 + 3 ZP
En saga blot + 3 ZP
Negotiations + 3 ZP
- See you there + 3 ZP
Feeling greyt + 3 ZP
2.7: Ilde Stedt + 3 zp
2.9: Harder than it looks  + 3 zp
2.10: Steinadler  + 3 zp
Skipping through (animation) +3 ZP + 5 ZP = 8 ZP
In the meantime 2 +2 zp
3.3: Old Friends +2 zp
3.4: Besserwisser +3 ZP
3.5: How did you do that? +3 ZP
COLLAB: Enunciate + 2 ZP
No Pressure + 2 ZP
- RDHS Dressage Cup Extra + 3 ZP
3.10: Squirrel + 3 ZP
Sim-pathicus + 3 ZP
A Groom's Dooom + 3 ZP
Skeggalicious + 5 ZP
3.14: Diplomacy fail + 3 ZP
3.17: Shocking + 2 ZP
Here they come + 3 ZP
That's what you get for being helpful + 3 ZP
The dead of night +3 ZP
HaRPG Expo | PrettyFlyers + 3 ZP
Cypress Party + 3 zp
Cypress Conference + 2 zp
Brace yourselves + 2 zp
Social Commentary + 3 zp
SmileandWave + 3 zp 
S E J R + 3 zp
COLLAB: Pas De Souci + 3 zp
4.7: Fly On The Wall + 3 zp
I've been EXPOcting you + 3 zp
Beyond + 3 zp
COLLAB: Peacocks + 3 zp
Saga-dear + 2 zp
COLLAB: Human stable + 3 zp
IWD: Spatulations! + 3 zp
COLLAB: Dinnermite + 3 zp
Training image 3 ZP full-body, 2 ZP half-body

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Sagadir (by Dat-Inu)
Light of a Thousand Stars ( by Equus-Heart)
Hear me...neigh (by BloodWine-tales)
1st Place Grosser Preis von Graf Hadik (by BloodWine-tales)
Sassy Sagir (by ModelHorses4life)
Sagadir (Art Payment.) (byt Writeraid)
Horse drawn by another artist 1 ZP

Zlesdin of the Month
- April 2017  |  +5 ZP

Best Dressage Horse
- Award given at Red Dragon Stables Grand Re-Opening Show

Grand Champion
- Award given at The Cypress Challenge

Total ZPs: 704
Level 7+: Quad Shendik

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


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is his breeding still open? I'm really interested in getting a slot to him :D